Who Is Jonas Happich On 'Homeland'? Carrie Has A Whole New Life In Season 5

It's been a year since we last saw Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson, and Peter Quinn in Homeland Season 4, but the action will hjet forward two years into the future when we pick back up in Season 5. All three of our lead characters have found new lives, though of course no one's life is as new and different as Carrie's. It's We last saw her leaving the agency in anger over Saul's support to take Haqqani off the CIA kill list and confronting her mother for the first time in 15 years. Clearly all of these events made for a turning point, because when we pick back up with Carrie she's living a completely new life. We'll see Carrie working in the private sector in security and is raising her daughter, clean and sober. But Carrie also has a new man in her life, a fact Peter Quinn likely won't be too happy to learn. So who is Jonas Happich from Homeland Season 5?

The short version? At the moment, we know he's Carrie's boyfriend and he works with her in the private sector at The Düring Foundation as their legal counsel. They are living together and potentially raising Carrie's daughter (with Brody) Frannie, if we're to believe the Homeland Season 5 trailers. But what else do we know about the guy, and can we really trust him?

Considering Carrie is about to be thrust back into the world she left two years ago, according to the Season 5 premiere synopsis, it's likely that if Jonas is not involved in the drama, he won't be comfortable with Carrie being back in her CIA-style habitat. From what we can glean via reviews and spoilers, Carrie is tasked with going to Lebanon to visit a refugee camp with her new boss Otto Düring, according to The Hollywood Reporter, right in the midst of turmoil and violence in the country. Somehow this trip will bring her back to the world and the actions from her old life in a big way. But nowhere have I seen Jonas also being involved in the trip. Will he be stuck in Berlin dealing with the crisis from home?

To be fair, if Jonas is a lawyer there really won't be much for him to do in Lebanon at a refugee camp. He would be put to much better use at base in Germany, especially if Carrie and Otto get in trouble during their trip, which is more than likely. Scratch that, it's inevitable. But the other question is this: Will Carrie and Jonas run into Quinn this season?

So far in the promos and reviews we haven't seen anything regarding the two almost lovers meeting in Season 5. In fact, Carrie and Saul don't really even spend much time together in those same promos, likely because there is tension between them regarding Saul's actions in Season 4 and potentially even more bad blood from the two years the audience skipped between Seasons 4 and 5. But if Quinn does find out about Jonas and Carrie's new life with him, how will he react?

The last time we saw Quinn, he was going off on a new mission, feeling rejected by Carrie who was unable to give him an answer and get him out of the CIA life once and for all. If Quinn has to encounter the new happy couple, it's likely the meeting will make Quinn go further into his CIA hole and draw further within himself. The guy clearly has been through a lot and probably went through even more during the years of the time jump. I'm interested to see what effect Jonas has on all of the characters around him, if any. For one, we know that his relationship with Carrie will be tested because after all, this is Homeland.

Image: Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME