See Alexa Chung Without Her Signature Eyeliner

It's always fun to see a celeb ditch their beauty signature, even if only for a selfie. Eyeliner queen Alexa Chung posted a no makeup selfie and it spotlighted her famous eyes. The model is known for her baby blues and her signature, always flawless cat-eye flick liner and that particular hallmark was totally MIA in this selfie. I almost couldn't handle it.

But what was most striking about Chung going makeup-free was how the block of light was squarely focused on her famous eyes. It's almost like she as saying, "Hey! Look at me without my signature eyeliner!"

I admit that I had an epiphany when it came to Chung. Previously, I never got her "It" girl status and then I totally had a change of heart with her. I realized that her shabby chic style was effortless. Now, I use her as my main source of inspo with cat-eye liner. I also watch her eyeliner tutorials obsessively. #SorryNotSorry.

Chung's ability to extend her eye with liner is simply unmatched. She is also quite a natural beauty, with wonderfully angular features. You bear witness to her prettiness in this black and white selfie.

Isn't she stunning? Even without her flick, which totally transforms her, she looks utterly gorge. Love it!

See what I mean by perfect when it comes to the flick? That little turnt up end takes loads of practice to master and to match on each side. Chung really does cat-eye better than most.

But when she does go makeup and eyeliner-free, those icy baby blues are breathtaking.

Eyes are bare, don't care!

When you have amazing eyes like Chung, you can pretty much go bare and extreme with your eye makeup and still emerge the winner.

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Images: Alexa Chung/Instagram (4)