Lady Gaga Dances In Dozens of Tom Ford Outfits

Why strut or waltz down a runway in fabulous clothes when you can dance? Lady Gaga dances down the runway in dozens of Tom Ford fashions in a Soul Train-inspired music video directed by Nick Knight. The singer masters the blue steel posturing better than Derek Zoolander in the video, which replaced the standard runway show.

That's right! Plays-by-his-own-rules designer Ford ditched a traditional fashion show for his Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The video is actually way more fun.

Gaga gets her groove on alongside tons of fabulously dressed line dancers. The music was right out of the '70s while the production was straight out of the '80s, when line dancing was all the rage. But the clothes? They were so 2016-ready and gorgeous, focusing on a black and white color palette. Of course, there was a hearty dose of blue!

Gaga makes her appearance about a minute in, wearing a foil-like coat and platinum blonde hair. It was quite a metallic entrance. Mother Monster pops off that jacket like modeling is, was, and always has been, her main gig, as opposed to being a pop music superstar.

Ford told Women's Wear Daily, "Instead of having a traditional show this season, I decided to try something new. I wanted to think about how to present a collection in a cinematic way that was designed from its inception to be presented online."

"Cinematic" makes sense for Ford, as he is directing his second feature film. As for the vintage dance show inspo? Well, according to The Independent, he said, "I have always loved Soul Train, which used to be on the TV in the '70s; as it was as much about the clothes as the music."

The Independent reports that Ford said he wanted the clip to capture "the spirit of the collection in a way that a filmed traditional show would not have." Mission accomplished.

Let's peep Gaga's outfits in the vid, shall we?

Poppin' collars!

Move over, Ben Stiller.

Gaga had the runway strut and stare down pat.

Who else loves this clingy black mini? Her platinum locks popped against it.

Beauties in black!

Gaga wore a mesh top while doing playful air slaps with her hand.

The black leather trench was very Neo-in-The-Matrix.

Steely-eyed. This is vintage and flawless blue steel.

Polka dots. Prints. And a pop icon.

Squad Goals, courtesy of Tom Ford.

The hands-behind-the-head pose? So sexy and so steel.

There was no shortage of Gaga gyrating on the lit runway in necksnapper heels.

Gaga gave it her all for Tom Ford and fabulous clothes.

The song is a new version of Nile Rodgers' "I Want Your Love," with the addition of vocals by Gaga, according to The Independent. Is this the sonic direction she is going? Who knows. But she sounds and looks great.

Watch the Tom Ford video below.

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