"Buns In The Oven” Pregnancy Reveal Shows A Husband Learning He’s Going To Be A Dad After 17 Years Of Trying For A Baby, & His Reaction Will Move You To Tears

A quick scroll through Pinterest shows there's no shortage of creative ways to announce your pregnancy. One of the classics is the ole' bun in the oven reveal, in which a mom-to-be typically puts a literal bun in the oven (get it?), tells her partner to go check on it, and then waits for them to make the connection. Recently, Dana Griffin-Graves used the "bun in the oven" pregnancy reveal to break the news to her own husband, Arkell Graves. His reaction? It was nothing short of priceless. But aside from Arkell's amazing response, the emotional backstory behind the couple's struggle to have a baby is what makes this viral vid really hit home.

"Have your tissues ready!" the mom wrote when she shared the "Buns In The Oven" video on YouTube last week. "After four miscarriages and one stillborn birth, we had given up on the idea of having babies of our own, especially at our age... But God!" But as she later told local news station WRIC, she originally shared the link with just eight friends. She never dreamed it would go on to be viewed nearly two million times in barely a week.

And the mom-to-be wasn't kidding about needing to have some tissues ready. In the clip, which appears to be shot on her phone, Griffin-Graves tells her husband to go check on the oven. When he does, he finds some actual buns in there — along with some ultrasound photos. Graves quickly puts two-and-two together and turns to the camera. "You’re pregnant! You’re pregnant!" he says, somewhat in disbelief. But there's even better news: His wife then shares that she's already nearly five months along and knows the baby is a boy.

"His reaction was just priceless," Griffin-Graves told WRIC. "I wasn’t expecting that at all. I knew that he would probably be emotional but I definitely was not expecting the reaction I received." Graves added that not only was he happy, but that he's "never been that excited before." A big reason for that has to do with the couple's journey to conceive. Like so many couples, the pair struggled with infertility — for an incredible 17 years.

As Griffin-Graves recently told Buzzfeed, the pair "kind of gave up" the dream of having their own baby five years ago, but didn't do anything to prevent a pregnancy, just in case. It wasn't until she went to the doctor last week after struggling to lose weight that Griffin-Graves learned the news she'd been waiting forever to hear: She was pregnant — and already into her second trimester.

Needless to say, this couple deserves a serious congrats — as does Griffin-Graves in particular, for her especially awesome pregnancy reveal. And because watching one just ain't enough, here's three more times the Internet lost its mind over a baby reveal. (You're welcome.)

This Creative Woman, Who Broke The News To Her Husband Mid-Photo Booth Session

Ever since their relationship began, Jessica Devins and her husband had a habit of stopping at every photo booth they came across for a few quick pictures. So when Devins found out she was pregnant at the end of 2014, revealing the baby news in a photo booth seemed like a no-brainer. It only took a few seconds for her husband to catch on to the message — which was pretty obvious when she held up a hat that said "baby" — but his reaction afterward is priceless.

The Woman Who "Danced" Her Pregnancy Announcement

When McKenna Lynch learned she was pregnant again a little less than one year after suffering a miscarriage, she said the best way to tell her husband the baby news was through dance. The only problem? As she explained in the video caption, "I was so excited to get the end announcement that I couldn't really concentrate on what I was doing!" Nevertheless, when she held up a final sign that said "We're Due July 2015," her husband Sam was floored. His reaction was almost as beautiful as the rest of the dance.

That Time A Couple Hid The Fact That They Were Having Twins — Until Their Family Showed Up At The Hospital

OK, so this last story is technically about revealing baby news to the family rather than pregnancy news to the dad-to-be, but just give it a watch and you'll see why it's still worth sharing. When Sharon and Korey Rademacher found out they were having twins in August 2014, they decided to keep the news a total secret from friends and family until the babies arrived the next spring. In a video from the big reveal, family streams into the hospital room, expecting to learn whether the newborn is a boy or girl... So imagine their shock at learning there were actually two baby girls in there the whole time. Yep — even if you've seen this one before, it's definitely worth a re-watch.

Images: Pexels; Kristin Smith/WRIC