9 Pieces Of Furniture For Small Apartments That Are Versatile And Space-Saving

Living in a small space can be the eternal daily struggle, with most of us reduced to cramming storage containers under our beds or hiding them behind couches (apartment people, raise your hands). It's why there's an entire industry out there for space-saving furniture hacks.

And making the most of a small space isn't just about looking tidy. I've said it before in other pieces about the importance of an organized home; according to a study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who describe their homes as "cluttered" have higher rates of stress and depression than women who described their living spaces as "restful," and "restorative." Basically, clutter doesn't just annoy us, but it can potentially make us unhappy.

And let's be real, most of us don't need a study to tell us that living in a small space can be super challenging. Figuring out where to store your winter coats alone can feel like a headache-inducing game of Tetris, or even a day of, "What do I need to throw out to make this work?"

Just remember: I feel your pain, and I've even compiled a list of nine versatile pieces of furniture that will make living in a small space way more manageable.

1. Ottoman and Tray

This vinyl ottoman set is not only super cute, but it provides both storage space and a serving tray for when you have guests. And if you don't often need use of the smaller one, it can easily be stored in the larger piece.

Metro 2-piece Vinyl Ottoman Set, $50.99, Overstocked.com

2. Mirror Storage

This super useful piece is great for storing jewelry and accessories, and also frees up the back of your door for more space-saving tools, like a hanging shoe rack. What's not to love?

White Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, $119.95, Walmart.com

3. Storage Bench

This is an awesome option for storing seasonal items that you don't need to get to very often, like comforters and extra sheets, while also providing you with cute extra seating space.

HomePop Storage Entryway Bench, $127.99, Wayfair.com

4. Coffee Table Storage

Coffee tables are a great way to get a little extra hidden storage, and there are a lot of super aesthetically pleasing options that won't look bulky or cumbersome.

Furniture of America Knox Dark Espresso Storage Box Coffee Table, $179.94, Overstock.com

5. Kitchen Table With Shelves

Again, the space under tables is a great way to snag some extra storage space. You can store anything from plates, to pots and pans, to extra table cloths.

Cottage Dining Table, $190.99, Wayfair.com

6. Futons

Futons are a great piece for a small homes where there isn't space for a whole entire guest room. And while they used to get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, there are a ton of new super cozy models out there these days. The above model from Sears even has a handy cup holder.

Dorel Home Furnishings Madison Cup Holder Futon, $299.98, Sears

7. Beds With Drawers

Your bed has a ton square footage underneath that's great to use for additional storage when space is tight. However, it can also be super easy to start haphazardly shoving stuff under it, completely losing track of what you own. That's why a bed with actual drawers is game-changer when it comes to under bed storage.

BRIMNES Bedframe With Storage And Headboard, $329, Ikea.com

8. Coat Rack With Shelves

A coat rack with shelf space is a super easy way to create more room for hats and gloves, as well as other items that you might need all the time, like household tools.

Prepac Floating Entryway Shelf and Coat Rack, $106.92, Walmart.com

9. Portable End Tables

Another way to save space is to get rid of the coffee table all together and just use portable end tables. This way you can move the tables around the room as needed, whether putting them together to make a coffee table for guests, or keeping them on either side of the couch for when you're just relaxing on your own.

TGF Stacking End Table, $133.99, Staples.com

If you're short on space, try incorporating some or all of the above super versatile pieces into your home in order to get the most out of a small space. You'll be surprised what a difference it can make!

Images: livehome/Flickr