11 Reasons You Need To Follow 5SOS On Snapchat

If you thought this week was going to be like every other week, you were wrong. Because 5 Seconds of Summer Snapchat videos are here AND THEY ARE LIFE. Yes, after literal years of fans begging, 5SOS finally joined the 21st century and debuted their band account, @wearefivesos. And you guys, it is everything.

The band has only had the app for a few days, but they've already gone hard in Snapchat Land (or Chatsnap as Calum Hood once referred to it), creating totally spontaneous and entirely ridiculous videos of themselves doing everything from rehearsing (DEM LUKE NOTES) to attacking each other to pondering the meaning of life. Classic 5SOS shenanigans, amirite?! Truth be told, I literally only re-downloaded the app because I needed to see what kinds of insane stuff this band gets up to behind-the-scenes. My 5SOS addiction already knows no bounds (not even going to three shows in one week was enough for me), and their newfound love of Snapchat is only feeding my obsession. The 5SOS stanning is alive and real.

Don't follow 5SOS on Snapchat yet? Love yourself and change that right now. Just look at all the reasons you have to hop on the 5SOS Snapchat train (SO MANY REASONS).

1. Because Luke Will Sing A Cappella & Your Soul Will Leave Your Body

*waves from above*

2. And Bust Out An Operatic Rendition Of "Jet Black Heart"

I actually think this is Ashton. Either way, OPERATIC JET BLACK HEART.

3. They'll Walk In On Each Other In The Bathroom


4. Ashton Will Snapchat Even When It's 5:52 a.m. & He's Adorably Tired

And, in his exhausted state, referred to Luke as Michael. It happens.

5. Calum Drumming Is Life

Calum's coming for you, Ashton.

6. Michael Will Brush His Teeth

Just what every Michael girl wants to see.

7. They'll Turn Into Emojis & Become Creepy

Can't forget the excessive amounts of rainbow-puke faces.

8. Michael & Calum Will Attack Each Other

Because Malum.

9. Calum Will Show Off His Butt

*clasps hands in prayer*

10. And Then Luke Will Be All, "More Butts"

Wait 'til the end.

11. And Because It's A Totally Unfiltered Look At What Life Is Like For The Band