This Is How Every Girl Celebrates Her Birthday

When I hit 23 I finally understood what the phrase “no man is an island” truly means, and nothing could demonstrate that more than the stages every girl goes through on her birthday. We assume that our experiences are singular, but as it turns out we are much more similar to each other than we thought possible. After watching Elite Daily’s video on how we celebrate our birthdays, I spotted my own behavior paralleling the stages they described. And here I was thinking I was some unique flower!

What I learned is that birthdays are extremely important. That’s why we slave over the perfect party mix and the right type of decorations. We want this day to be special because so much of life passes us by way too quickly. Birthdays are the ultimate milestones. You can recall what you did on those days and it marks an entire year of your life passing. Birthdays are like an extra holiday you have just for yourself. And who doesn’t want that!?

On my 22nd birthday, I was working a shift at a movie theater before class. A homeless man ended up licking my face. I am not kidding. And while some might think that this was a start to a terrible birthday, I argue that it was what made that one special. So don’t let others get you down! It’s your big day. Just make sure you aren’t forgetting everyone else. Below are some of the mistakes we tend to make on our special day.

Inflated Sense Of Self

Is there a better feeling than waking up to hundreds of notifications and texts from loved ones? No. It's the best boost to your day and it's right after you open your eyes and reach for your phone. I wish every day started of this way! I bet that's why the Kardashians love social media.

Everyone Should Know About YOU

The barista does not care that it's your birthday. The only place of business that does is Disneyland, and it's basically in their job description. So don't assume that a) everyone should know and b) they should treat you differently. Your birthday is designed for YOU to feel different.

You, You, You, You, You

The eventual happiness will fade into a more narcissistic grey cloud. You will realize that you are in fact older. Your self-obsession will morph into a darker sadness. Don't let it get to you!! Talk to a friend. They will make sure you get over this weird hump.

Best. Birthday. Ever

The best part of your birthday are the people in your life. The Facebook notifications, the special treatment, the freakouts are not important. What you should be thankful for are the people in your life showing up. That is what makes you birthday special.

Watch the full video below and spot some of your own behavior on your special day!

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