Is Snow Bad For Leather Jackets?

When taken care of properly, leather jackets can last a lifetime. But if you're thinking you can't wear leather in the winter because snow is bad for leather jackets, think again. Your favorite leather jacket can in fact survive winter flurries, but only with the right kind of aftercare.

Though I personally am all about the vegan leather jacket life (seriously, they look practically the same as real ones!), I'd be lying if I said I didn't think leather jackets looked cool and give off a certain edgy-chic vibe. If you're a fan of leather jackets and the faux ones aren't speaking to you, tons of Bustle writers have taken the time to scout out some of the best and authentic leather ones out there. Got a tight budget? Check out how much leather jackets cost and where to find cute leather jackets at every price point.

If you purchase a leather jacket and are 99.9 percent sure you're going to wear it in the snow even once, you should definitely take the time to waterproof it! Sprays that made leather jackets waterproof are readily available online, and are very simple to use. My personal favorite (which is safe to use on most vegan leather jackets, too!) is from Nikwax.

Nikwax Fabric And Leather Spray, $9, Amazon

Using this product is literally as easy as it seems. Just spray all over the outside of your jacket and let dry fully.

If you don't waterproof your jacket before getting caught in a storm, fortunately you can still salvage it. The experts over at eHow broke down exactly what you need to do after getting snow on your leather jacket!

1. Dab With Clean Towel

First, dab (NOT RUB) the water off the jacket with a clean towel.

2. Hang Dry

Fight all urges to throw the jacket in the dryer. Let the jacket hang dry on a padded hanger so it retains its shape.

3. Leather Conditioner

Leather & Nova Leather Conditioner, $17, Amazon

Rain and snow wash away leather's natural oils and can cause your jacket to stiffen. Nourish and moisturize your jacket with a good leather conditioner.

4. Deep Clean With Baby Wipes

While this video goes through how to handle several types of leather, to easily get the "dried snow" salt stains off a leather jacket without damaging it, reach for baby wipes! Gotta love Martha Stewart.

5. Embrace The Distress

Aged, rugged jackets are cool. If you're up for it, distress it a little more after the first stain or wrinkle for a jacket that is 100 percent you.

Image Credit: Mason Bryant, Mark Grapengrater, Maria Morri/Flickr