Why It's Never Too Late To Read 'Harry Potter'

Like many Millennials, I grew up reading the Harry Potter series. I preordered each book so I could read it the day it came out, I owned plenty of Harry Potter merchandise (from Quidditch toothpaste to Harry and Hermione Barbie dolls), and even made my dad build me a cupboard under the stairs where I would hole up and read the books on rainy afternoons. (True story.) Needless to say, I was obsessed from a young age.

But not everyone had that same experience. Some people didn’t read Harry Potter when it first came out, for plenty of different reasons — maybe you just weren’t interested in the topic. Maybe you like to go against the grain and choose more obscure reading material. Or maybe you still haven’t read it because you think that it’s too late now.

Trust me on this: it's never too late to start reading Harry Potter . It doesn’t matter if you’ve already seen the movies, if you’ve overheard too many spoilers, or you think that it just won’t be the same to read it now that it seems like everyone else already has. The Hogwarts Express has an unlimited number of seats, and consider this your sign that it’s time for you to get onboard. Still need convincing? Look no further for reasons why it's not too late for you to enjoy the magic.

1. There's More To The Books Than There Is To The Movies

Are you resisting reading Harry Potter because you've seen all the movies, and you now think — why bother reading the books? I already know the plot! You're sorely mistaken: there is so much more to the series than there is to the movies. Why do you think the fans were always outraged about some detail or another that the movies left out? Even if you think you know what happens, I guarantee there's more to the story than Hollywood covered in eight films.

Think of it this way: the movies were just the appetizer. You're in for a full Hogwarts feast when you read the books.

2. People Can Spoil The Plot, But Not The Experience

I hate spoilers as much as the next person. Some books aren't as good if you know what happens in the end, especially ones with great twists and turns. Harry Potter has some gasp-out-loud moments, sure, but it isn't a book that's spoiled if you already know which character dies in the end. It's about the experience of reading it, not the details of the plot. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall in love with the characters and the world. That's the nature of reading.

3. You'll Finally Understand All The References

Do you feel like you sometimes need a translator when people start speaking "Harry Potter"? Do the words nargle, Slytherin, apparate, and expelliarmus confuse you? Well, there is a seven-volume dictionary that may help you finally understand all those references, and I'm pretty sure you know what it's called.

4. You'll Be Transported When You Read It

Are you resisting reading the series because you're an "adult" and you think that it's "just for kids" ? Fear not. This series is beloved by both adults and kids for a reason: the themes are relatable and universal, and when you read it, you'll be transported to another world, whether you're nine — or 99.

5. It's Not A Difficult Read

The great thing about Harry Potter is that it's a relatively quick and easy read. Sure, the books look super long, but they're so well-written and accessible, that you'll be able to fly right through the series as if you were on a Nimbus 2000 (you will understand that reference soon, my friends). After all, why do you think the fans have read the series so many times, and are always wishing for more books? Because we read through them way too fast!

6. You'll Finally Appease Your HP-Loving Friends

Are you sick of people constantly saying, "What?? You haven't read Harry Potter?" Are you tired of saying that you don't know which house you'd be in, and you don't have a HP crush, and you don't wonder what butterbeer tastes like, because you haven't read the damn series?

Well, you could just ask all those friends and acquaintances to stop bugging you. But as you well know, that might not work, especially if your friends are hardcore fans. You might as well just go ahead and read the series for the sake of putting that nagging to rest. (Sidenote: we nag because we love the series, and we just want you to experience how amazing it is, too.) Which leads me to...

7. You're Never Too Old For A Little Magic

There's a reason this series is so popular. It's never too late to read it, if only so that you know why everyone's so crazy about a story about wizards and toads and cauldrons and spells. So let a little magic into your life — it's never too late for that.

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