Artist Annie Erskine Shows Disney Characters With Beards...and Aladdin is Pretty Hot

Tweaking Disney characters always leads to some interesting and entertaining results. If you need proof, just check out the Disney ladies with normal-size eyes or the pictures of Grumpy Cat as Disney characters. Now artist Annie Erskine has added to the pool of awesomeness with her pictures of Disney's iconic male characters with and without beards.

Is it just us or does Aladdin look incredibly stylish and handsome with his new facial hair? This might just be evidence that beards make every man instantly hotter (yes, even cartoon ones). Jezebel says, "It gives a sexy, dangerous 'I work at the Starbucks in the Barnes & Noble during the week until my band gets signed to a label' vibe." I'm into it.

This is not Erskine's first dabbling in Disney art. She also has a great series of LGBTQ Disney couples. She doesn't modify the characters' facial traits too much, so the changes are pretty subtle, but there's some pretty awesome gender-bending going on here.

Erskine is a professional comic book artist and has been making comics since high school. Heck, the lady does freelance graphic design and illustration work for Cartoon Network. And her artwork is so seamless, if you didn't know Disney was so conservative, you could totally believe these alternative couplings were from the original films. When do we get our first lesbian princess?

Images: Disney, imgur, Annie Erskine/Facebook