Pumpkin The Raccoon's Instagram Is Mandatory Viewing For Anyone With A Heart — PHOTOS

With fall upon us, I think it's high time we direct your attention to Pumpkin the Raccoon, which is the only Instagram account you'll need to follow this season. Up until this point, we thought that delicious fall beverages, warm sweaters, and pumpkin beer were the only necessities for the season, but we were wrong. The @pumpkintheraccoon Instagram account follows a domesticated raccoon named Pumpkin with an orange striped tail, and it's essential. That's right, he has AN ORANGE STRIPED TAIL.

Pumpkin is a rescue raccoon, because apparently, that is a thing that exists. His owner, Rosie Kemp, found him when he fell out of a tree with a broken leg. He was one month old. His mother didn't come back for Pumpkin, so Kemp took him in. Kemp lives in the Bahamas, where it's legal to own raccoons. She and her daughter raised the raccoon, feeding him and keeping him warm when he was little.

And Pumpkin has now grown into a full blown HILARITY. His striped tail has become a legendary component of fall, and you can find him sprawled in front of the television with his good ol’ puppy friend. (It sounds a lot like these two pets have a pretty sweet set up.) Here are eight precious pictures of Pumpkin that remind us he's the #FallSpo we need:

1. Pumpkin: The Raccoon Who Just Needs A Beer


2. When Pumpkin Needs His Coffee

He has a nicer french press than I do.

3. Hanging With His BFF Toffee

These two are, presumably, inseparable. I can only assume that the dog thinks he's a raccoon, and the raccoon thinks he's a dog.

4. A Baby Pumpkin #TBT

I want to frame that and put it on my wall. (My first stuffed animal, that I still have, was a raccoon, so I'm a little sentimental.)

5. Pumpkin Shows Off His Tail

You better believe that epitomizes fall even more than a fancy latte.

6. The Zen Raccoon

~~~meditative raccoon~~~

7. Raccoon From Da Hood

I know, I know. My pun slays.

8. Raccoon Raiding The Kitchen

Somehow this is elevated from a typical raccoon raid scene.

Images: Pumpkin the Raccoon/Instagram