15 Best 'Gilmore Girls' Rory & Jess Moments

by Keertana Sastry

Let's get something straight first and foremost. I'm sure there must be tons of Dean and Rory fans out in the Gilmore Girls universe, judging by the sheer number of Tumblrs in their honor. There are probably even Logan and Rory fans out there as well (though I don't know how it's possible considering how Logan left Rory high and dry when she rejected his proposal). But at the end of the day, one of the most obvious pairings of the show, at least to me, is that of Rory and Jess. With the Gilmore Girls 15th anniversary this year, the debate has returned in full force. And this time I've got proof on my side. These 15 moments prove Jess and Rory were meant to be together.

Sure, anti-Jess fans have legitimate reasons for hating on Jess while he was dating Rory. Jess ran away from his problems and didn't put in the proper effort into their relationship at first. But when he turned up again twice in Season 6, it was obvious things had changed for the better. He was finally ready to be with Rory, and he was finally at a good place in his life. I like to imagine that Rory and Jess found their way back to one another after Rory had time to be single and evolve into a wonderful, successful journalist, and after Jess continued to expand his publishing business an the artist community in Philly. So before my daydreams about this couple get too detailed and insane, it's back to the matter at hand. Here are the moments that Rory and Jess' soulmate status.

1. "You Looked It Up"

After Rory gets into Yale, Harvard, and Princeton, but ultimately decides to go to Yale, she spends the day with Jess who tells her Yale is only 22.8 miles from Stars Hollow. She's so happy he looked it up for her, and even though he plays it off, it's actually a pretty big deal. The fact that Jess was thinking about the future of their relationship proved he really cared for her — even if everything else was going down the toilet in his life. He knew he wanted to be with Rory and that was important enough to do some legitimate planning.

2. The Bracebridge Dinner

In the midst of Jess' days of taunting Dean, we get the Bracebridge Dinner. This scene is the best because it shows that Rory can't fight her feelings for Jess. She might want to be grumpy with him, she might want to not be his friend but it's just not possible because they have amazing chemistry.

3. "If You Care About Me At All"

This is really just a fun moment because we get to watch Rory squirm as she tries to get Jess to be nice to Lorelai. Jess obviously enjoys it, but he's also trying to DTR with Rory. Because clearly, at this point, she has major feels for Jess.

4. Censorship

The exchange is perfect, and hilarious to boot.

5. The Bracelet

Jess taking Rory's bracelet might seem just like stealing, but it's actually proof that he likes her so much he needs to have a trinket of her with him at all times. Plus this scene is especially fun as Jess has to move their conversation away from his feelings for Rory as she starts to grill him about the bracelet.

6. Rory & Jess' First Kiss

It's awkward, sweet, surprising, and a little scandalous since Rory is dating Dean, but overall her first kiss with Jess is an epic moment from the show.

7. Jess' Food Care Package

Thanks to Dean's jealousy, this scene is almost unbearable to watch. Watching Rory squirm once again when Jess overstays his welcome is priceless. He always knows how to push her buttons.

8. Rory & Jess Study

Psh, like Rory and Jess were ever going to actually study. This "getting to know you" stuff is way better. And who knew Jess could do close-up magic? Makes him just the right mix of dorky and attractive.

9. Rory & Jess' Car Ride

These drives eventually lead to Rory and Jess getting in an accident and totaling the car Dean built for her, but this moment in particular is sweet and surprising: Rory finally gives in to properly spending time with Jess (and likely finds they're better suited for each other than she thought).

10. The Sprinklers

This was during the days when Jess and Rory outwardly hated one another, but they were clearly feigning hatred because they hated that they couldn't be together. (Or so I'd like to believe!) This moment of Jess helping Rory out and then letting Dean save the day proves he was willing to wait for her because he truly cared.

11. "Dean Was Right"

That quote alone is enough. Rory finally admits her feelings, and so does Jess.

12. Rory Calls Jess

Anti-Jess and Rory fans, please tell me how this moment doesn't prove these two are made for one another?!

13. Rory Visits Jess In NYC, Part 1

Yes, this trip is what leads Rory to miss Lorelai's graduation and that's terrible. But Jess didn't ask Rory to go to New York, she wanted to because he liked him so much.

Rory Visits Jess In NYC, Part 2

The last scene brings these intense feelings to the forefront. She literally came to the city because he never said goodbye to her. And she thinks he's out of her system but when he returns things have changed.

14. Jess Returns, Part 1

In the first scene we see Jess showing Rory that he got his life together, which also makes her start to realize she needs to do the same. But the line, "I couldn't do it without you" is the one that seals the deal. Jess got his life together because he knew that Rory always believed in him.

Jess Returns, Part 2

And that's what makes the second part so great. When Jess finally came back into Rory's life with things actually looking up, she's in the opposite situation. That's when it's clear that he needs to help her the way he helped him, but he has to be more forceful about it. And the best part, this is when she finally realizes it too.

15. Their Official First Kiss

My heart has melted.

See folks, am I right? Or am I right? Jess and Rory forever!

Images: Screenshot/Netflix