Dunham Will Do Anything For Planned Parenthood

Known for her progressive political stances, Lena Dunham's latest move to benefit Planned Parenthood and protect pro-choice women's rights sounds like it's right out of a Miley Cyrus handbook. At a charity event last night in Los Angeles, Lena Dunham raised $4,000 for Planned Parenthood when she auctioned off the sweater she was wearing, according to E! Online.

She revealed her creative stunt to the world via Instagram. The first post, which features Dunham in a Rachel Antonoff-designed red sweater with ovaries, is captioned: "there was only one sweater that would do." Fast forward three hours to Dunham's next post, in which she is topless and writes, "The @PlannedParenthood event in LA tonight was so crazy inspiring. I also spontaneously auctioned the ovary patterned sweater off my body for a nice 4k to benefit PP ... Had to walk home in my skivvies and a men's coat. #WorthIt #OnBrand #StandWithPP." Note that the retail on that sweater is just over $200, so Dunham didn't do too shabby!

Dunham's behavior isn't surprising, as she also runs an epic feminist newsletter and is an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood. See last night's unconventional and admirable political move for yourself below!

Which soon turned into...

If you want to show your support for Planned Parenthood and women's rights without having to strip down, check out the progressive, stylish, and fun picks below! #StandWithPP!

1. Full Zip Hoodie

(Care Dots Hoodie, $37.80, Planned Parenthood)

Show your support with a bright burst of polka dots!

2. Empower T

(Empower T, $22, PlannedParenthood)

Allllll the good vibes happening on this shirt.

3. CARE Mug

(CARE Mug, $8, Planned Parenthood)

That's right, you can even support women's rights just by drinking your morning coffee. Now I call that a #WIN

Images: Courtesy of Planned Parenthood