You’ve Never Seen These Trevor Noah Clips

by Maggie Malach

It's been less than a week since Trevor Noah's Daily Show hosting debut, but already he's receiving positive reviews. While Noah's already dropped some hilarious political jabs, a recently uncovered Comedy Central marketing plan adds a whole new level of awesome to the show. Uproxx reports that Comedy Central bought Google ads with links to unlisted videos starring Noah that pop up when you Google him. It's like easter eggs for people performing searches on the Daily Show host.

Bustle discovered some pretty great results, like searching "Trevor Noah sucks" leads to the video for "Is Trevor Noah Funny?" (Sorry for searching that, Noah.) By the way, people who watch the video are treated to a hilarious dressing-down from the star himself. Bustle also learned that "Trevor Noah star sign" leads to a video of Noah reading his horoscope.

Additionally, Uproxx and Splitsider each found a handful of results. Not only is this marketing stunt totally genius, but each video is hilarious. The entire strategy confirms that Noah will be bringing a fresh face and energy to the Daily Show — and that we can never predict what he might do next. You can see the complete list of videos the internet found below.

1. "Is Trevor Noah Funny?"

He takes it very personally if you don't think he's funny.

2. "Trevor Noah Star Sign"

In case you're wondering, he's a Pisces.

3. "Trevor Noah Crocs"

This about sums up Noah's feelings toward Crocs.

4. "Trevor Noah Illuminati"

No, he's not a member. Yes, he's totally up for joining.

5. "Trevor Noah Knitting"

Noah demonstrates how to knit. Of course.

6. "Trevor Noah Australian"

Another one of the odder (but still funny) videos.

7. “Trevor Noah Wiki"

Trevor Noah has lots of unspecified facts for you.

8. “Trevor Noah Girlfriend”

It's okay to swoon, guys.

9. “Trevor Noah Autotune”

Autotune is apparently Comedy Central's answer to skewing younger.

10. “Trevor Noah ASMR”

This is definitely one of the weirder videos.

11. “Trevor Noah Age"

The secret to Noah's youth? Oh, just this cursed portrait.

12. "Trevor Noah Net Worth"

Nope, fame hasn't changed Noah at all.

13. “Trevor Noah Gay”

He explains why your Google search confirms he's finally "made it."

14. “Trevor Noah Tweets”

What's on his hands, you ask? "Twitter safety mittens. That way you don't get burned!"

15. “Trevor Noah Shirtless ”

Be careful what you wish for.

16. "Trevor Noah Juice"

He's got the branding thing down.

17. "Trevor Noah Race"

Noah has words for those who are Googling his ethnicity.

18. "Trevor Noah Religion"

Noah's apparently pretty impressionable.

Did you find any that we missed?

Images: Comedy Central (18)