Selena Gomez Might Be Battling Lupus But She Should Be Allowed a Break Regardless

Last week, Selena Gomez announced that she's cutting her tour short. Natch, we were like, "um, why? Want answers immeeds." According to Sel-Go, she needs some serious Sel-Go time. Rumors started a-brewin' (like rumors do) that Gomez had a breakdown and/or she was going to rehab for a party hardy lifestyle (why else would the television/movie/pop music star require a break?! THERE MUST BE A SCANDALOUS REASON). Well, that rumor was just replaced with another rumor: Selena Gomez might be battling Lupus. This report has yet to be confirmed or denied, but Gomez was allegedly diagnosed with the autoimmune disease a couple of years ago.

Whoa. If this is true, hats off to Gomez for doing as much as she has. Actually, hats off to her either way. She does so much! Touring and acting and recording music? Gal has been BUSY and Lupus is serious business. I mean, I know if I get as much as an allergy attack, I have to call it a day.

And as grossly curious as I am as to why Gomez called off the remainder of her tour (yes, I had about 11 different theories), there is a part of me that is like, "LET GOMEZ DO GOMEZ REGARDLESS." Because what will we think if she doesn't have Lupus? Will we say she didn't "earn" a break?

I don't think she should need a huge reason to relax. A lot of celebs push themselves too hard/too far, so if "Sel-Go time" helps her recharge her batteries, I think it's a good move. We should be cool with it. It's her life. Yes, part of her job is being a pop star and yes, it's unfortunate for fans that she cancelled a tour, but like, she's human. And sometimes, humans need to call a timeout. Even super famous humans. Because even super famous humans are humans with limits who benefit from "me time."

So until Gomez says yea or nay re: the Lupus report, I'm going stick with Sel-Go's statement that she's chilling for the sake of chilling. Which is totally chill by me.

Hey. Let's "Slow Down." Seems fitting:

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