Guess Which 'OUAT' Star Is Pregnant!

Once upon a time . . . a beautiful baby's birth was announced! Once Upon a Time regular Emilie de Ravin is expecting her first child with boyfriend Eric Bilitch, as she announced on Twitter Friday. Not only is this exciting news for the soon-to-be parents — who, based off of their tweets, are clearly overjoyed — but also exciting news for the future baby: They're lucky to have such a talented, amazing mom.

The 33-year-old Australian actress and her boyfriend Bilitch are about to embark on a rollercoaster journey of parenthood — and if anyone is capable of being a good mother, it is Ravin. From maintaining balancing a busy acting career for years (before Once Upon A Time, Ravin starred in both major films like Remember Me, and another little television series you may have heard of, LOST), as well as her year-long relationship with Eric Bilitch, it's clear that she's got the necessary balancing act down that every mother learns to master after time. Lucky for her, she's getting a head start: While some women as busy as she is could be a tad worried about becoming a mother while continuing to live their lives on the go, this Once Upon a Time actress doesn't seem to have ruffled feathers. Her tweet on Friday night voiced her obvious excitement:

Bilitch even got in on the action and tweeted his excitement too, much to the collective "aww" of the Twitterverse.

Their excitement is contagious, and they have every reason to be this hype. Being a good mother takes dedication, love, and practice, Ravin seems to have a good head on her shoulders and is prepared to take on the task. Here are some reasons why she's going to make a fabulous mom:

She's Caring

The Australian actress basically dedicates her Twitter account to helping animals find homes with the Animal League. Her Twitter timeline consists of #adoptdontstop posts, and it's clear that she is very passionate about helping these pets find homes. These acts of kindness shows just how caring Ravin is, and prove that she will be able to deliver that same love and affection to her future child.

She Loves A Good Treat

Every little kid loves it when they come back from school to a sweet snack that helps brighten their day. Since Ravin is also a fan of the occasional sweet goodie, she likely won't hesitate to add a little sugar to her little one's life.

She's Not Ashamed Of Playing With Stuffed Animals

Playing make believe with her future child is something that Ravin will have no problem doing: The Once Upon a Time star cozied up with her co-stars for this adorable pic with matching stuffed animals, so it's good to know that she's building a collection.

She Loves The Zoo

Ravin and Bilitch spent one of their dates at the San Diego Zoo, and some kids' best childhood adventure memories take place at the zoo. This animal lover will be sure to take her child on family field trips to the zoo.

Ahh, the joys of motherhood. It's an exciting time for this couple, and they have every right to be. With a fabulous woman like Ravin for a mom, this child-to-be has a bright future ahead.