Kylie Jenner's Mid-Week Look Is Beyond Fierce

For the Kardashian-Jenner clan, every day is the weekend. Kylie Jenner wore a suede mini dress in the middle of the week, proving that she's fierce pretty much 24/7. As a working woman, my middle of the week is more about the morning commute and counting down until Friday, which isn't entirely practical with an all-over suede look.

Jenner looked fabulous in a long-sleeved mini dress on a mid-week outing with Tyga. The look was the perfect way to welcome the fall season, and as usual, her styling was on point. She wore her hair in french-braided pigtails and loaded down her arms with bangles, which she was clearly loving, based on how many Snapchats she sent out that day!

She kept up with the suede theme with a pair of Alexandre Birman sandals (featuring some python skin), an oversized bag of the same material, and similar shades. The head-to-toe monochromatic outfit was a major sartorial win.

I don't know too many people who would wear head-to-toe suede for a causal mid-week look, but I bet there are a ton of people who will be inspired to do so after seeing the teen fashion icon rocking it. I'm going to have to stop looking so causal if I'm going to keep up with Jenner!

The Outfit: Jenner's Version

Seriously, how fabulous can she get?! The dress was only $92, which is cheap compared to her other designer looks. I can only hope to someday dress this fabulous on a Wednesday.

The Outfit: My Version

My outfit wasn't head to-toe-suede, but I did keep things relatively monochromatic, besides the stripes and shoes. I picked black pants and a striped black and grey top for my mid-week OOTD.

The Makeup: Jenner's Version

Her makeup is always flawless, and this was no exception. She popped in some colored contacts and added long lashes and lots of eyeliner to make her look a tad bit more casual than normal.

The Makeup: My Version

Rocking a little more eyeliner than usual and a nude lip, my look doesn't quite compare to Jenner's. Then again, I didn't have someone to come in that morning and do my makeup for me, so I think I did just fine all things considered.

The Shoes: Jenner's Version

Jenner stepped out in these lace-up Alexandre Birman sandals, which combine suede with python skin. If you're thinking of sporting the pair, they'll set you back $795. But Jenner did make them look pretty flawless ...

The Shoes: My Version

Waking up at 5:30 a.m. for a morning commute meant than my shoes were a little less high fashion. Mine cost about $730 less than Jenner's, and were probably 100 percent more comfortable.

The Accessories: Jenner's Version

The bag, watch, and bangles were just enough to make the daytime look seem stylish without taking it overboard. It's about as casual as the reality start gets when it comes to her bling.

The Accessories: My Version

My glasses were the only thing spicing up my office wardrobe, but my computer and bubbly water were also close enough at hand to be consider accessories for the day.

The Nails: Jenner's Version

As always, Jenner had some fierce-looking nails to go along with her outfit. They were long and nude colored, which made them blend in with her outfit.

The Nails: My Version

My nails weren't anywhere near as fabulous as Jenner's, but I went for a more neutral color as well.

It's safe to say that the queen of style won this one. It's time that I start stepping my Wednesday fashion up! Until next time, Jenner.

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