How To Rock A 'Saved By The Bell' Costume

Halloween is right around the corner, and yes, I'm already thinking about picking the perfect getup. I don't know about you, but growing up in the '90s, I've always wanted to sport a Saved By The Bell Halloween costume. I think this is my chance, and it could be yours, too. This Halloween might be the one where I can finally rock that signature Kelly hairstyle. I mean we're already wearing denim jackets, crop tops, and platforms on the daily — might as well go full on out for Halloween, amirite?

I think it's safe to say that Saved By The Bell could be considered one of the most memorable '90s shows of all time. From Lisa Turtle's kickass outfits to A.C. Slater's dimples, I think every '90s kid can admit that the iconic TV show had an impact on them. I mean, come on — there's no way you lived through the '90s without wanting a Zack and Kelly romance.

So, what better way to pay an ode to the original gang of the '90s and dress up like your favorite character? Who knows, maybe you can get your squad to do it altogether? I think, yes.

Even if you can't get a group to dress with you, I highly suggest dressing up like your favorite cast member from "Saved By The Bell." Not only will you get loads of compliments, you'll also win all of the contests. I'll bet my money on it!

If you need reference, here's a photo to inspire you:

Here's what you need to dress up like Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa.

Kelly Kapowski

If you feel like dressing up like Bayside's sweetheart, make sure to stick to crop tops and big hair. Kelly always had the cutest outfits, so make sure to keep it playful and fun. Oh, and super important — don't forget the prints and neons.

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Jessie Spano

The smarty pants of the crew definitely had some serious style, too. Dress up like Jessie by adding lots of big curls, denim, and a headband.

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Lisa Turtle

OK, so Lisa was obviously the fashionista of the group. If you're going to dress up like Ms. Turtle, it's completely necessary to make sure you've got your '90s style down. Add a lot of texture and multiple layers. Also, pack on the accessories.

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BRB, while I go binge on Saved By The Bell reruns for inspo.

Images: Saved By The Bell/NBC; Courtesy of Brands