11 Ways to Revamp Your Diet in 2014, Including Healthy Breakfasts, Easy Lunches, Low-cal Dinners, and Guilt-Free Snacks

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We just did a lot of celebrating. With cookies and cocktails and gravies a-plenty. Has the caloric furor of the holiday season left you feeling a bit like a Mr. or Mrs. Claus? No worries. It’s the New Year, and change starts now. Here we’re rounded up a handful of our favorite healthy recipes for a new food start for 2014. We have breakfast cookies (a real thing), as well as sparkling green juice, a coconut BLT salad, and a protein-rich buckwheat and broccoli risotto. We have vegetable-rich riffs on spaghetti and on potato chips, as well as a vegetarian take on a buffalo chicken salad. Hungry yet? Keep reading for 11 great ways to revamp your diet in 2014.

Image: Green Kitchen Stories

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