20 Costumes That Are Perfect For Lazy People

by Chrissa Hardy

Halloween is great (because CANDY), but putting a costume together can be seriously exhausting. That's why these Halloween costume ideas for lazy people will seriously make your day. There is usually all this hype and needless pressure to have the costume in the room that is the funniest/sexiest/wittiest/rarest/most comfortable. But lazy people everywhere are smart enough to know that there's no way to have a Halloween costume that checks all those boxes. Sexy costumes are often ridiculous, and nonsensical, and the only person on the planet who will have the rarest costume will be Heidi Klum, forever. And isn't this holiday supposed to be fun? Why bother putting in that amount of effort, just to be disappointed? There is no point. No point at all.

You can totally put together a simple, yet spectacular costume with very little time, money, and supplies. Besides, spending an excessive amount of time on anything will just get in the way of your lounging/napping time, and that sh** ain't gonna fly. So instead, embrace your lazy side, and rock an easy, recognizable look. And even if people don't get your costume right away, who cares? You don't, because you're too lazy to care, remember? Here are the best costumes for lazy folks, because you and I both know that hard work never pays off.

1. A Lazy Person

I Woke Up Like This T-Shirt, $10, Amazon

What you'll need: Might as well start by really leaning into this one, right? Wear your sloppiest lounge clothes, rock a messy bun, and carry around a snack that'll leave crumbs all over your front side. Nothing says IDGAF like this ensemble.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

2. Spice Rack

What you'll need: An oversized bra, and five to 10 spices from your actual spice rack.

McCormick Italian Seasoning, $5, Amazon

Doesn't get easier than that!

3. Liz Lemon

What you'll need: Liz Lemon is our Lady of Laziness (say that five times fast), and requires very little maintenance in her look. You will need a pair of fake glasses...

OWL Non-Perscription Glasses, $8, Amazon

...a cardigan or blazer ...

Worthington Suit Blazer, $30, JC Penney

...and a sandwich, pizza, or cheese puffs in your hand will tie the Lemon look together perfectly.

Cheetos Cheese Puffs (Pack of 64), $34, Amazon

4. Static Cling

Loritta 5 Pair Vintage Style Socks, $10, Amazon

What you'll need: Wear anything as the base, and then tape clean socks all over yourself. Just make sure the socks are clean, please and thank you.

5. Ghostwriter

Composition Notebook, $4, Amazon

What you'll need: A white sheet with eye holes cut out, and then a pen and notebook. This should take you no longer than five minutes to put together. If it takes longer than that, you're doing it wrong.

6. "Hi, My Name Is _______"

What you'll need: Jim Halpert is the laziest Halloween participant ever. And that's what makes him wonderful. Just grab a name tag, and fill in a name. Any name other than your own will make this a costume.

Avery "Hello" Name Tags, $6, Staples

7. Nudist On Strike

What you'll need: A cardboard sign that says, "Nudist on strike." Then attach it to a string, and wear it around your neck.

8. Little Red Riding Hood

Unisex Flex Fleece Hoodie, $38, American Apparel

What you'll need: A red hoodie or coat, and nothing else. This unisex hoodie from American Apparel would work perfectly.

9. Cool Mom

Women's Velour Hoodie Track Suit, $37-$43, Amazon

What you'll need: A tight velour track suit, a tight white tank underneath, and a martini glass that you are constantly refilling.

Luminarc Martini Glass (Set of 4), $19, Amazon

Because that's what cool moms (not regular moms) wear.

10. Burt Macklin, FBI

What you'll need: Since Andy Dwyer constantly lives off very limited resources, his alter ego's signature look takes very key pieces to put together. First, get a pair of aviators.

Aviator Style Colored Lens, $3, Amazon

Put on a shirt and tie, find a blue windbreaker, and use yellow tape to spell out "FBI."

Liberty Uniform Lined Windbreaker, $18-$22, Chief Supply

You're ready to solve all of Pawnee's top unsolved crimes.

11. A Painter/Artist

Young Artist Paint Set, $14, Amazon

What you'll need: A paintbrush and a shirt you can drop some paint splotches onto, and you've got the "dedicated artist" look down.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

12. A Big Kid

Rubber Ducks Footed Pajamas, $45, Pajama City

What you'll need: Just a giant onesie (like this one from Pajama City for $44.95), and an unstoppable zest for life. Enjoy while it lasts, kiddo.

13. Flower Child

Vivivalue Flower Wreath, $12, Amazon

What you'll need: Hippies are all about simplicity. In order to channel your inner flower child, the flower crown is the key. Feel free to add a flowy shirt or dress, and a pair of Birkenstocks if you wish. But the crown will be enough.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

14. Cereal Killer

Kellogg's Breakfast Cereal Assortment (30 Count), $10, Amazon

What you'll need: Snack-size boxes of cereal to tape onto your shirt, and some fake blood and plastic knives to add a more murderous touch.

15. Katniss Everdeen

What you'll need: Katniss isn't high maintenance when she gets to pick her own clothes. In fact, she usually wears the same thing — a brown leather jacket, high boots, a side braid, and her beloved bow and arrows.

Youth Wooden Bow & Arrow Set, $14, Amazon

16. Bee Arthur

Antenna Headband, $7, Amazon

What you'll need: A white t-shirt, black pants, a bee headband, and a black marker so you can write "Arthur" across the chest.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

17. Joey Wearing Chandler's Clothes

Van Heusen Solid Dress Shirt, $20, Amazon

What you'll need: Go into your closet. Put everything on. And you're done.

18. Charlie Brown

Custom Kingdom Men's Peanuts Charlie Brown Shirt, $20, Amazon

What you'll need: A yellow t-shirt, and black tape or a marker to make the zig-zag across the bottom. Or, grab this t-shirt from Amazon that already has the zig-zag.

19. Anti-Costume Statement Tee

This Is My Costume T-Shirt, $12, Etsy

What you'll need: Just this shirt from Target ($12.99). That's it.

20. Zombie Anything

Deluxe Zombie Kit, $10, Amazon

What you'll need: Whatever outfit you feel like wearing, and zombie makeup. Grab this kit from Amazon, and get ready for a frightfully good night.

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Image: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (6); Playbuzz (1)