Who Plays Carter On ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6? Ethan Embry Is A Very Familiar Face

Rick Grimes is back and the drama is not slowing down in the sixth season of The Walking Dead. With a new season comes a new set of characters and this time around they’ve casted a very famous face. Ethan Embry joins The Walking Dead cast as Carter, a citizen of Alexandria, who has been there the whole time, he just hasn't been introduced yet. So, who is Carter on The Walking Dead ? Show runner Scott Gimple told Entertainment Weekly, “Ethan plays a combo of a few characters that we actually haven’t hit yet or weren’t able to hit in other characters.” However, if you’ve watched the Season 6 trailer, it seems like Carter is not going to be on team Rick. Don’t people know that they shouldn't mess with Rick by now? He will literally not think twice before killing you.

Season 5 ended in a very tense place. Rick had just murdered Pete in front of pretty much everyone and Morgan had finally caught up to the gang. Also, just to be clear, Pete was the worst and totally deserved to die because, in my opinion, wife-beaters shouldn't get to live through the apocalypse. Just sayin’.

Anyway! We will be seeing Embry as Carter for the first time in the Season 6 premiere episode and I have a strong feeling we won’t like him. So, where exactly have we seen him before?

Can’t Hardly Wait

Media Graveyard on YouTube

In one of the most quintessential '90s teen movies, Embry played lovesick Preston Meyers who was finally going to tell the popular girl in school that he’s been in love with her since the first time he saw her. On the night after graduation, he sets out to the last high school party to find Amanda Beckett and confess his feelings. It’s pure magic.

Grace And Frankie

Netflix on YouTube

Embry found his way to the popular Netflix series earlier this year playing Frankie’s adopted son, Coyote Bergstein. In the show his character is a recovering addict and a substitute teacher.

That Thing You Do!

Zahnish on YouTube

“You, doing that thing you do, breaking my heart into a million pieces, like you always doooo.” If you have no idea what this song is, then you need to go watch That Thing You Do! because it’s a super underrated movie and will have you singing the song all night. Embry plays the bass player.

Vegas Vacation

Warner Bros. on YouTube

Everyone saw the original Vacation and Christmas Vacation, but Vegas Vacation was the last one in the series of the Griswold family (until the new one this year) and their son Rusty was played by Embry.

Sweet Home Alabama


Remember when Melanie Carmichael goes back to Alabama and then gets wasted and outs her gay friend Bobby Ray? Yep, that would be Embry.

Eagle Eye

Paramount Movies on YouTube

The Shia LaBeouf movie really wasn’t great, but Embry makes an appearance as Toby Grant, an FBI agent in the film.

Once Upon A Time

AllAtONCER on YouTube

Embry showed up in Storybooke in Seasons 2 and 3. He played a guy named Greg Mendell who “accidentally” came to Storybrooke. It’s revealed later that his real name is Owen Flynn and he came to the town to find his father who was killed by Regina when he was a child.

Images: Gene Page/AMC