An Amy Poehler At The Emmy's Halloween Costume

Amy Poehler is like that girl at work that I'm desperately trying to be friends with — she's smart, hilarious, and just effing cool, as shown by her brief stint at the Emmy's in her "losing look," which made everyone fall in love even more. This little move offically made her the baddest funny girl of all time, so this Halloween, why not dress up as Amy Poehler at the Emmys? Original costumes always get the most respect, and this one will have everyone giving you major props.

We all remember the moment: Julia Louis-Dreyfus was giving her speech for accepting the Outstanding Lead Actress in a comedy series award, and the camera panned to Poehler falling asleep in her seat in gold aviators and a sweatshirt zipped up, hood on, to which Louis-Dreyfus says, "Amy, wake up!" It was a priceless moment that had everyone laughing. Even when she's losing an award, this woman can make us laugh. Only her.

Poehler not only "fell asleep," but also threw up some peace signs, further affirming our love for her. It was the perfect reaction, as Poehler has lost to Louis-Dreyfus for the past three years, according to Us. Why not take a little humor into the situation? Seriously, this was the perfect stunt that had me laughing all night, and was even compared to "pulling a Damian" on Mean Girls . She doesn't even go here!

So for you pop culture lovers looking for an easy, comfy outfit this Halloween, this may just be the perfect costume for you. And hey, you even get to wear your sunglasses at night.

1. The Infamous Hoodie

Preferably ratty and old. You can find that somewhere in your closet!

Danskin Now Women's Plus-Size Dri-More Zip Up Hoodie, $14.96,

But if not, here's an option that won't break the bank.

Merona Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt, $9.98,

Plus, think of how warm you'll be all night long.

2. Rockin' Gold Aviators

Classic Aviator Sunglasses, $14,

Plus, you get to wear these post-costume.

3. Some Statement Rings

Really pulls the whole IDGAF look together.

Lena Bernard Gold Dust Ring, $48,

A big ring for a big attitude.

4. Of Course, Chewing Gum

Orbit, Trident, Big League Chew — doesn't matter, as long as it adds to your ~whatever~ aesthetic.

5. RBF

This pretty much goes along with the chewing gum, but you gotta be able to keep that straight face all night long. No breaking your concentration!

6. A Cardboard Chair Back To Lean On

Most great Halloween costumes aren't the impeccable ones, but the handmade ones. Fashion a dark blue chair back like Poehler was leaning on with some cardboard and felt, and fasten onto your back, and voilà, your look is complete.

Images: Walmart, Target, Nasty Gal