Dress Like Lizzie McGuire & Miranda For Halloween

I'm pretty sure everyone in our generation identified with Lizzie McGuire's struggs (remember the episode with the training bra?) and coveted her entire closet, crazy hairstyles included. This Halloween, why not live your pre-pubescent fantasy and go with Lizzy McGuire and Miranda costumes with your BFF? Throw in Gordo in there too, and you've pretty much got 2000s squad goals.

Every episode, Lizzie gave me some serious style envy with her bold patterns, graphic t-shirts, furry purses, and of course, her totally amazing hair accessories. I can't tell you how many times I tried to get my stick-straight hair to crimp like hers (I'm cringing right now). Or when I had a delusion that a fake nose hoop ring would look good on me.

You guys, she got to kiss Aaron Carter. Do you know how much that broke my heart when I saw it? It was the kiss heard 'round the world, breaking hearts left and right. As if that wasn't enough, she also had the perfect BFF by her side: Miranda. She totally rocked the flag tees and those bangs. Her hairstyle actually inspired me to cut my own bangs (it wasn't pretty, my nickname was "tomato" after that, since they resembled the short vine leaves).

Screw Kate — Lizzie and Miranda had it going on, and taught this young girl some valuable lessons. Mainly, don't let anyone break your heart, and skipping meals to lose weight may make you faint while dancing (#neverforget). This Halloween, grab your best friend and dress up as our favorite 2000s BFFs, you know you want to.

1. Bandanas. Enough Said.

Lizzie definitely had a thing for bandanas — bonus points if you can find one attached to a headband.

Bandana Print Headscarf Neckerchief, $8, ASOS

The bandana headband is so 2000s, it hurts.

2. Fuzzy Hair Ties

Miranda was all about these and for good reason...they were so cool.

Willowbee Color Puffy Fuzzy Ball Hair Ties Scrunchies, $10, Bonanza

I want, need, and deserve these scrunchies.

3. The Jean Jacket

The denim jacket is pretty much a wardrobe staple that you'll need beyond this Halloween costume.

Levi's Classic Trucket Jacket, $45, L evi's

And chances are, you probably already have one.

Denim Jacket In Calyer Wash, $138, J. Crew

The lighter the wash, the better.

4. Anything Tie Dye

Because who doesn't love tie dye?

Raquel Allegra Tie Dye Top, $78, By Symphony

Don't forget your matching headband and printed pants too, though.

5. All The Colorful Camo

In orange, in pink, in blue, she had it all.

Plus Size Camo Hacci Tee Green, $17, Target

One thing to remember: The more prints, the better.

6. Rhinestone Studded Tops

It's practically impossible to shop for a rhinestone studded shirt these days, so hit up your local thrift store to find an amazing top like this one.

7. Plaid Printed Pants

But actually, I would still wear these today.

Plaid Slim Cropped Trouser, $80, Tommy Hilfiger

This with a bandana? Yep, 100% Miranda.

Plus Size Plaid Pixie Ankle Chinos, $42.94, Old Navy

The best part about most of these items is that you can keep wearing them again and again, way beyond Halloween. Case in point: these major plaid pants.

8. These Sunglasses

At the time, these were the coolest things I've ever seen.

Nine West Metal And Rimless Rectangle Sunglasses, $38, Belk

You can definitely find these somewhere in your home. And if not, check your local thrift store, too!

9. Crimped Hair

This is 100% Lizzie, and I tried everything to get my hair to look like this. Mission failed.

Bed Head Totally Bent 2" Crimper, $21, Target

With a little (a lot of) hairspray, some crazy scrunchies, and a few rubber bands, you've pretty much nailed her look.

Images: ASOS, Bonanza, J. Crew, BySymphony, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, Belk, Target, Walt Disney Pictures