The Kardashian Family Covers 'Cosmo'

America's most reality TV famous family has gathered for a special occasion. The blended Kardashian and Jenners covered Cosmopolitan for its 50th anniversary issue, with each member dressed in a crisp, white top. Make that the 50th anniversary kover of Kosmo... at least for one issue.

Kim, who, IMO, was the most famous member of crew before being seemingly supplanted by Kylie earlier this year, Instagrammed the image Sunday night, helping Cosmo celebrate a half-century of serving women with edgy fashion, beauty, and sex content.

The Kardashian Cosmo cover demands to be analyzed, as it actually spotlights the ongoing shifts in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Let's consider the positioning of each member.

The ever-popular Kim isn't the centerpiece of the image. That would be Khloe, who is front and center as the sole blonde of the crew. Therefore, she stands out the most, since she isn't rocking the family's signature super dark locks.

Matriarch and momager Kris Jenner is in the actual center of the shot and is the only family member with short hair, rocking her signature pixie cut. She is flanked by her daughters who are mothers — Kourtney and Kim. Kendall and Kylie, repping the Jenner side of the klan, are seated behind her.

Notice Kylie is veering off a little to the left. Perhaps her seating indicates that Kylie is breaking off and pulling ahead of the pack? Her website really slays and even Kim admitted that Kylie has dethroned her.

Only Kris Jenner is cracking a smile. Everyone else adopts a more stoic and pouty posture. What does Mama Kris' grin suggest? She's the boss. She made this and she's got this.

How does this cover compare to other Kardashian and Jenner covers? Here's the ranking of some of their Cosmo runs.

1. Kylie Goes Gray

Kylie's Cosmo cover (February 2015) was unique not because of her famous full lips but because she rocked granny gray strands. It showed us that Kylie is always on trend.

2. Khloe Wears Short Shorts

Sure, Koko looked ravishing in her short shorts and while showing off cleavage. But her cover (April 2014) signified that she was coming into her own as fan favorite. She was previously eclipsed by Kim.

3. Khloe Gets The Blues For Cosmo UK

Darling! Kim's baby sister looked sugary sweet in a pale blue mini on her Cosmo UK cover (February 2014).

4. Kim's Bombshell Bangs

Kim rocked bangs and high-waisted bombshell shorts for her April 2013 cover. It stands out because she did bangs, which is not a look she is known for.

5. Kim In Goddess Mode

Kim's Aussie cover (July 2011) was super sexy, thanks to the fact that it showed off her curves and her signature, slicked back pony. This is a look she still rocks regularly, so you can call it iconic.

6. Kourtney's Black & White Mini

Kourt was on the cover of the Middle East edition of the mag, rocking a designed, black and white mini that showed off her bronzed skin and megawatt smile.

7. Khloe Konfidential

Khloe was a sexpot on her subscriber cover of the UK version (February 2015). She was all lashes and lips, but the super nude lipstick was a tad too chalky for my taste. Other than that, the bedhead and her smoldering stare set off sparks.

8. The Original Three

The Kardashian sisters aka the original three have shared a Cosmo cover before. They landed the December 2012 cover of the UK version. Even with the sexy, the sparkle, the hair, and the minis, Kourtney and Khloe didn't really look like themselves. It's not a super memorable shot, but the sisterly vibe was apparent. It's super warm 'n' fuzzy.

Clearly, the Kardashians and Kosmo, er, Cosmo, have a great and visually stunning relationship.

But I've gotta ask: When's the definitive Kendall Jenner cover?

Images: Cosmopolitan (9)