Rihanna's Sheer Dior Nightgown Dress Is So Femme

Once again, pajamas as outerwear were a thing for our favorite fashion rebel and pop diva. Rihanna wore a nightgown-like Dior dress while in Paris for Fashion Week. It was loose, flowing, and pale pink, but it wasn't demure by any means... and not just because the singer has tons of very visible tattoos, which always add a tough edge to her ensembles.

The frock was sheer enough where you could see her undies, so she didn't go commando, but the singer did ditch her bra. Rihanna also wore a bold and bright, mixed striped coat while hitting up the Eiffel Tower with her mother. So, yeah, RiRi has been pretty much killing it while abroad in the fashion capital of the world. I didn't expect any less from her, though.

Rihanna has long been a proponent of wearing pajama-inspired ensembles on the red carpet. But this nightgown frock was supremely feminine. It was slightly off-the-shoulder yet it didn't have too many details. But the shape and the sheerness were what made it so damn sexy.

That and the fact that it was worn by Rihanna, who pretty much oozes sexiness from every pore.

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Overall, it reminded me of something a Jane Austen heroine might have worn — you know, if they too had nipple piercings and a penchant for boyshorts.

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The dress showed just the right amount of skin from the back.

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On anyone else, this could have been plain. But it was regal on RiRi.

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The best thing about this dress is that Rihanna could totally go crash out at her hotel and not even have to change into sleep clothes. It must have been crazy comfy.

Of course, this is far from the first time that Rihanna rocked bed-wear as outerwear.

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Remember this PJ inspired look?

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How about this one? Rihanna needs to launch a lingerie line. She just has an innate sense of this fashion category.

But back to her recent Parisian style slayage. Rihanna wore something stylistically different when visiting the Eiffel Tower. She donned a stripped coat with clashing colors on each sleeve.

It had a shiny finish and mixed blue and red stripes on the panels with thinner black and gold stripes on one sleeve and blue and white on the other.

She has been slaying in Dior. Since it's jacket weather, Rihanna had to wear something super statement-making. Because of course she did.


ICYMI: Her pink cape coat was also a whirlwind fashion moment, since she paired it with a patent leather black boots.

Killing it. That's what Rihanna has been doing in Paris.

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