How To Wash Gloves With Leather Palms

A popular and chic winter choice, leather palm gloves keep your hands super warm while still looking ultra fashionable. But when they inevitably get dirty, knowing how to wash gloves with leather palms correctly is crucial to not accidentally wrecking them. If you’ve shelled out a good amount of money for leather-palmed gloves, it’s well worth your time to take care of them correctly!

If you’re reading this and don’t have a pair of leather palm gloves yet, you will be the proud owner of a pair soon. There's no good reason you should be walking around in the cold without a pair, especially if you're a lover of fashion! If you're the type who needs more than one pair of gloves for every outfit (read: everyone), get inspired by all the cute glove options out there, including the best touchscreen gloves, and stylish gloves that will also keep you warm and cozy. No one has time to thaw out numb fingers! Even if you're not freezing yet, it's always better to shop early so you can get exactly what pair you want before they're sold out.

Though washing winter gear seems like kind of pain, it’s really necessary to make sure every piece you’re rocking daily stays in good shape all season long. Beyond gloves, make sure you know how to wash your winter coat because one strategy definitely doesn't work for all materials.

If you own a pair or are going to be a proud owner soon, here's how to take care of your leather-palmed gloves.

1. Leather Cleaning Spray

Lexol Leather Cleaner Spray, $6.97, Walmart

Perhaps the fastest way to clean leather palm gloves, MountainWarehouse recommends using leather cleaning spray on the palms. First, make sure you've rubbed off all dirt and grime with a soft cloth. Follow with spray and wipe off (don't rinse!).

2. Leather Conditioner

Leather Conditioner and Restorer, $15.97, Amazon

For tougher stains, SealSkinz suggests reaching for leather conditioner. Never submerge your gloves in water. Just lightly dampen it with lukewarm water on a cloth, rub in leather conditioner, and wipe away until stains are gone.

3. Always Air Dry

Michel Porro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Unless explicitly stated on the tag, Mechanix winter wear states to always air dry your leather palm gloves to "maintain proper sizing and preserve material quality." Yes, it takes a bit more time than tossing them in the dryer but the wait will be worth it!

Image Credit: Sierra Trading Post; Courtesy of Brands; Walter A. Aue/Flickr