How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex? Men & Women Share Their Insights — VIDEO

There are differences between men and women (gasp!), and apparently one of those is how long men and women decide to wait before having sex with someone. BuzzFeed sat down a bunch of dudes and a bunch of ladies and asked the very important question, "When do you decide to have sex with someone?" Can anyone guess how the men, overwhelmingly, answered? Let me give you a hint: if fulfills every stereotype you ever heard about men and sex. Although to be fair, all the men unequivocally agree that once you get to know someone, a bad personality can turn you off that initial desire to screw them.

Women, also as expected, sometimes feel repressed by unfair social mores, but are also overwhelmingly happy enough to do what feels good "in the moment", which is the phrase du jour. My personal opinion is that enforcing a certain "time limit" on when you have sex with someone you're dating/are attracted to is futile. If you're worried about it being a "one night thing", it's going to be that way whether you have sex or not. A ghoster will ghost you either way, so you might as well get yours. And someone who likes you will see you again either way. So when you have sex is neither here nor there, at least in the perfect world I've created in my own mind. Here are some of the best male reactions to the question:

1. Sex At First Sight

2. Seriously Though

3. But Personality Does Go A Long Way

And here are some of the best female reactions:

1. "In The Moment"

2. But Also, At First Sight

3. When The Guy Consents

Watch all of the men's answers here:

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And the women's answers here:

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