Why Taylor Swift’s Cat Wasn’t Happy To See Her

by Nicole Pomarico

There are a lot of reasons that I'd love to trade lives with Taylor Swift, but there's one thing I don't envy her of: Having to leave her cats when she's on the road. I miss my cat when I go on vacation, and it's not like I've ever had to leave her for months at a time. I mean, occasionally Swift gets to bring Meredith and Olivia with her, but when her 1989 tour stopped in Toronto last week, the cats couldn't come to Canada — bummer. So obviously, Swift was super excited to reunite with her cat, Meredith, over the weekend... except Meredith didn't look too into it. Sunday night, Swift posted a selfie with Meredith to prove it, and if you've ever tried to get a cat to cooperate with a photo (or 12), you know it's an impossible task to get said cat to actually look like she's enjoying herself.

And, of course, it doesn't necessarily help that Meredith is generally a pretty cranky cat. Add the fact that her mom went MIA for awhile, and my guess is she's thinking, WTF is going on? Where do you keep going? Why is this happening? when Swift takes off for the next city every so often. And unsurprisingly, once Ellen Pompeo — aka the real Meredith Grey — saw the photo, she explained it in the best possible way.

Yes, like the TV Meredith Grey, Meredith the cat is also dark and twisty... and Swift's previous photos of her prove it. And in similar situations, I'm pretty sure TV Meredith would react the same way the cat does.

Being Forced To Hang Out In Her Carrying Case

Meredith (like all cats) obviously isn't amused. Meredith the surgeon wouldn't like it much, either, because she'd be stressed out about missing surgeries. We all saw how she handled maternity leave!

Trying To Express Her Emotions Without Being Understood

At least the actual Meredith has the benefit of being able to speak English, but it's not like it's been any easier for her to talk about her feelings for the past 12 seasons.

When She Wants To Be Alone In A Corner

We all have those days. Meredith Grey probably has them far more often than the rest of us, and they usually happen in hospital stairwells.

When She Refused To Break During A Stare Down

The real Meredith Grey would be awesome at a staring contest... mostly because she understands that smiling is not a requirement.

Being a celebrity cat is definitely hard work, but if Meredith ever loses faith, she can turn on Netflix and watch her TV doppelgänger for inspiration. After all, they basically are the same person. Cat?

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