The ‘Hey Dude’ Opening Credits Are Still The Best Ever When It Comes To '90s Nostalgia — VIDEO

If there is one thing that I think about when I think about the ‘90s — aside from all of those scrunchies and terrible school pictures — it’s Nickelodeon. Because that is how I spent most of the ‘90s. When I wasn’t playing with my troll dolls, or coveting my neighbor’s Barbie Jeep Power Wheels, I was curled up in front of the television, watching some of the best kid’s programming that the silver screen has ever seen. So when I heard that Nickelodeon is bringing back some '90s shows, I did two things: I freaked out and did a happy dance around my office, and then I sat down and watched as many episodes of Hey Dude as I could find — starting with the wonderful Hey Dude opening credits.

From the first second of those opening credits, I was sucked right back into my childhood, to my family home, and to our worn couch where I watched hours upon hours of Nickelodeon. That is how powerful those opening credits are. But it’s not just their power for nostalgia that makes the Hey Dude credits so great. They are some of the best for a number of reasons. Just check out this list of things that make the show’s opening so amazing, and then scroll down to watch the entire thing in all of its glory. Really, it’s one of the best that Nickelodeon had to offer.

1. That Freakishly Deep Voice


Doesn’t it kind of sound like Kevin McAllister’s morphed voice in Home Alone 2? Did they use a Talkboy for the Hey Dude credits too?

2. The Horseshoe

And how all of their pretty little faces appeared in it.

3. The Super ‘90s Font


So bright! So ombre!

4. All Their Perfect Poses


If there’s one thing that you could count on in the ‘90s, it was the opening credit poses. You know the ones where it looks as if the camera has caught them unaware and then they stop and pose for it? So convincing.

5. Hippee Ti Yi Yay

Yippee Ti Yi what?

6. All Those Warnings

"Better watch out for those man-eating jack rabbits and that killer cacti," the voice says at the end of the credits. Man, for such a light-in-tone show, those opening credits sure got really dark really fast.

I swear, these credits just scream ‘90s, in all of their poppy, weird, and wonderful glory. See for yourself in the video below.

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Image: Nickelodeon (4); Giphy (3)