Stephen Colbert's 'Hobbit' Cameo is Perfect

It's not secret that Stephen Colbert is a raving Tolkein fanboy. In fact, it is glorious, and wonderful, and constructed out of unfettered joy, and the Internet should (and does) revel in it often. Which is why Stephen Colbert's The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug cameo is kismet, a Peter Jackson-organized gift from the heavens.

If you are as of yet unfamiliar with Stephen Colbert's intense knowledge of the Lord of the Rings universe — well, first of all where the hell have you been and what else has been the source of joy in your life this whole time? And Second, let's revisit. There was that time James Franco, Internet troll that he is, unwisely challenged Colbert to a Tolkein-off. Franco lost. Then he came back and issued the challenge again (see below) and, well, lost. Again.

There has been much more. The Tolkein history of fandom is a storied one, and the chapters on Stephen Colbert are multiple and wonderful. Which is why when he mentioned on Letterman (below) that he and his family had secured themselves cameos in the most recent Tolkein adaptation, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, I emitted an involuntary "awwww." Because few people on this Earth deserve it more. It'd be like if I got a cameo (hint, hint, Jo Rowling, hint hint) in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

Kind fans from Reddit and Imagur respectively acquired the first blurry screencap of Colbert in The Hobbit, which you can revel in below.

Images: Reddit, Tumblr