'Wolf of Wall Street', 'Titanic' & More In Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Leo: The Movie'

Remember that Nicolas Cage mash-up that was really popular a few years back, appropriately titled "Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit"? No? Then please watch it here before we continue. Now that you have a basis for what is the leading man mash-up, you're prepared to watch this fan made video of Leonardo DiCaprio's most famous movies all squished and manipulated into one beautiful and horrendous offering. Leo: The Movie, which sadly, will likely never become a feature film, effortlessly transitions from one blockbuster hit to the next. Leo sinking in the Titanic actually never happened. Instead, he just swims over to Claire Danes and they make out underwater in Romeo + Juliet.

The trajectory of DiCaprio's career has been intense and dramatic, has had its share of freakout moments (although if anyone ever surpasses the losing-his-shit status of Cage I will literally pour a bucket of bees over my head), and isn't void of steamy scenes with leading ladies like Amy Adams and Carey Mulligan.

But you don't have to take my word for it, watch the faux-trailer here to see Jack Dawson, Jay Gatsby, Howard Hughes, and all of your favorite Leo moments merging into one: