It's Official: James Franco Has Been Bar Mitzvahed

As far as celebrity BFFs go, Seth Rogen and James Franco are one of my favorite pairs, and not just because they kick ass when they create a movie together. I love their friendship off-screen, too... especially their latest stunt. It all started when Rogen decided to throw Franco a bar mitzvah to help raise money for Alzheimer's research, but even though the official event where the bar mitzvah is supposed to happen, Hilarity For Charity, isn't taking place until October 17, it's official: as of the weekend, Franco has already had his bar mitzvah.

Apparently, the Rabbi Rogen got to perform the ceremony couldn't attend the event, so they decided to get it done ahead of time on Friday night and then show the video at Hilarity For Charity. And according to what Rogen told Vulture, it sounds like it was not only 100 percent the real thing — including Franco reading the Torah in Hebrew — but also that the event's version of the ceremony might end up going a little bigger than the initial, low-key bar mitzvah that happened among Franco and friends. Like, we're talking a hora with singers who also happen to be Jewish. This is real, guys, and soon, it will be on YouTube for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be in LA and have a ticket to see it all go down live.

And since I can't imagine that this isn't going to be a complete success, I already have a few ideas of events these two could stage in the future in order to keep the money for charity rolling in.

A Live Reenactment Of Their "Bound 2" Remake

Like, what if they performed it on an actual motorcycle in front of a live audience? It would be funny, and maybe they could convince Kanye West to participate. I'd pay some serious money to see that, especially if it was going to a good cause.

A Wedding

Franco and Rogen are together enough that they might as well just make this thing official. And the ceremony would be beautiful. Maybe with Jonah Hill officiating?

A Freaks And Geeks Reunion

Get everyone back together on stage, or maybe for a movie? I need to know what happened to these characters, and with Rogen and Franco on board, that's already two of the major cast members. It's easy!

They Could Tattoo Each Other

A coin toss for who goes first. Obviously, Franco would probably tattoo his own face on Rogen, but I'm willing to be surprised if it doesn't happen. Plus, with tattoos being permanent and all, the stakes are really high, which definitely ups the hilarious factor. Add in Dave Navarro doing Ink Masters-style judging at the end, and you have yourself a sold out event.

Rogen, Franco, if you like these ideas, call me. I have plenty more where these came from.

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