'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Reportedly Gets "Catfished" & She Definitely Should've Called Nev Schulman

If anyone ever needed MTV's Catfish host Nev Schulman's help, it's Sister Wives star Meri Brown who claims she was "catfished." The star of the TLC show which follows polygamist patriarch Kody Brown, his wives, and their children told People she was duped online, like so many others... and everyone who's ever been featured on MTV's Catfish. Apparently, Meri went online after divorcing Kody to talk to others after a rough year. She said,

During an emotional and vulnerable time earlier this year, I began speaking with someone online who turned out to be not who they said they were. I never met this person and I regret being drawn into this situation, but I hope because of it I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Per Brown, she had an "emotional affair" with someone who represented themselves as a man, but this person actually turned out to be a woman. Anyone else think this sounds like an episode of Catfish? Where was Schulman and Max Joseph when Meri needed them? They would've handle the situation smoothly and quickly like they do with most people being fooled online.

Despite being "catfished," Meri appears to be in high spirits and said, "Throughout this ordeal, my family has supported and stood by me. I am grateful to them for their love and strength through this difficult time."

With that said, Meri, if you ever decide to speak with anyone online and become emotionally involved and they refuse to speak to you over the phone, say they don't own a phone, will not video chat, or are just acting shady overall, there's a good chance they aren't who they claim to be. I think Max and Nev would agree with me.

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