This Show Explores The 'Net So You Don't Have To

What's better than the Internet? Nothing. Is that perhaps a bit hyperbolic? Not at all. (Well, maybe.) I love the Internet and all of its weird fringe cultures and pockets of bizarre interests, but sometimes all my in-depth Tumblr research on, say, Otherkin, can eat up a lot of time. That is why the new web series 2 Girls 1 Show is my new favorite thing. Because it does all the work for me. Now, I can just sit back, relax, and watch live interview footage from Bronycon. What a time to be alive.

2 Girls 1 Show, the latest bit of comedic brilliance from Blogologues creators Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula, will feature a new Internet subculture in each episode. Bronies (adult dudes into My Little Pony), the guy behind the Semenology book (it's, uh, pretty much what it sounds like, you know, consuming semen in cocktails and stuff) — they're all going to get their time in the sun.

What is maybe the most charming element of this whole endeavor is that these ladies are not doing it to be mean. Having proven their ability to approach the oddities of the Internet with a sense of empathy in their live show Blogologues, which self-describes as "the Internet performed," the 2 Girls 1 Show women are completely, genuinely interested in who the people you see posting those crazy Craigslist ads are outside of their computer screens. As they put it themselves, "Our plan is to steer clear of any sort of mockery of these very real people on the other side of the screen. The mockery will only be of ourselves."

But here's the thing: In order to create their first season, which is slated for five episodes, Goldberg and Jamula need some cashola. And your help! They need your help! I need your help! Help make 2 Girls 1 Show happen so I can consume concentrated bites of wonderful Internet weirdness and also be able to do other things like "take a shower" or "buy real food." The funds raised will go towards (and I quote): "Insurance, equipment rental, location fees, stipends for the crew and actors, props, costumes, travel when needed, and a slew of other things." Making a show costs money, and this show? I predict that it will definitely be worth it — and there are a ton of awesome-sounding incentives for those who do kick in, from exclusive footage of Goldberg and Jamula interviewing Bronies live at Bronycon to the chance to appear in an episode of 2 Girls 1 Show yourself. So head to their Indie GoGo fundraiser and give them some dollars, already!

Check out their full trailer below:

Images: 2 Girls 1 Show/IndieGoGo; Giphy (2)