This Instagram Plays Dress-Up With Celebs

At some point, we've all seen our favorite celebrity and thought, "She would look incredible in that dress I saw on that other star!" or "He'd be perfect for that runway look." Well, while stars' sense of style isn't changing, there is an Instagram and Tumblr that's fulfilling your dream of dressing celebs. FantasyDressup is an Instagram account that puts celebrities in runway looks, and the result is a super artsy, fashionable dream! Remember when Kerry Washington rocked that hot off the runway Marc Jacobs gown to the Emmy Awards? Well, now you can see even more actresses killing it in runway looks and looking fabulous.

The Instagram was originally spotted by the talent over at Vogue , and the magazine even asked the talent behind the viral sensation to create special looks for them from the Celine Spring/Summer '16 collection on some of the most well known stars of today. Faces like Taylor Swift, Bella Hadid, and Beyonce all make appearances. The brains behind the social media operation are Lucas Lefler and Richie Talboy, talented creatives who have worked for some of the biggest brands in the industry. While most of us will never be the one of the most successful stylists in Hollywood, this ultra cool idea allows us to live vicariously through its creators.

So what are some of the most unexpected but totally awesome looks from the Instagram mash-up?

Liza Minelli

Unexpected but it totally works.

Robin Wright

Definitely a departure from Claire Underwood

Eva Mendes

Definitely not my first thought for Mendes, but obviously she looks amazing.

Amy Adams

I couldn't see Adams rocking this before, but now, I'm totally down.

Vanessa Hudgens

Boho goddess Vanessa Hudgens looks perfect in this sexier, lacy style.

Kim Kardashian

This demure, conservative dress is incredible on Kim.

Hilary Clinton

Pink wasn't expected, but I dare you to make fun of her pant suit now.

Hilary Duff

Lizzie McGuire in Marni? Yes, yes, yes.

Elle Fanning

If Fanning hasn't already seen this, she should, because this look would be incredible for her next red carpet runway.


RuPaul in Alexander McQueen is everything.

Images: FantasyDressUp/Instagram