Where To Buy Two Guys Bow Tie Accessories From 'Shark Tank,' So You Can Put A Modern Twist On Classic Fashion

It can be difficult to impress the Sharks with a fashion company on Shark Tank . There's usually nothing proprietary about it, and it's an incredibly competitive space. But that's not going to stop the wooden accessories company Two Guys Bow Ties from entering the Shark Tank during Friday night's episode of the ABC reality show.

Nor should it. The idea behind this company is both unique and tailor-made for the Etsy-loving world we live in today. Now all the company has to do is make the Sharks understand that, which is, of course, easier said than done on this show. But we live for the drama and suspense, don't we? Well, you better, because the Sharks in the Tank during Friday night's episode are going to be bringing all of that because their wallets and reputations are on the line.

Lucky for Two Guys Bow Ties, Daymond John will be one of the Sharks appearing in Friday night's episode. The FUBU founder is the resident fashion expert on Shark Tank, and he also just happens to be a mentor to Moziah Bridges of Mo's Bows, so it looks like the guys behind the bow ties have already found one fan of the neck accessory.

Yes, one investor is all you need to hit it big on Shark Tank, but Two Guys Bow Ties has so much going on for it that the company might actually have to fend off Sharks if a feeding frenzy happens to go down instead.

You Wooden Believe These Are Made Out Of Wood

When you're done laughing at my hilarious pun above, take a look at Two Guys Bow Tie's website and just tell me these bow ties made out of a variety of rare and exotic pieces of hardwood from around the world don't look like they're made out of silk or some other soft fabric you typically find these accessories in. You can't, can you? And an added bonus is that because these bow ties are made out of wood, you don't have to know or learn how to tie them. Yay, laziness!

You Can't Tie These Accessories Down

Though the company's name may suggest otherwise, Two Guys Bow Ties aren't just about neckwear. The company also makes a bunch of other accessories out of wood to make sure you look dapper from your head to your pocket square. This includes lapel flowers, wood-brimmed fedoras, and beard combs, because a guy who wears a wooden bow tie is probably going to keep that hipster style going right down to the hair on his chin.

They're Born In The U.S.A.

Two Guys Bow Tie makes their wares in the United States, a fact the company proudly displays at the bottom of its website. Just watch some bow ties get handcrafted in the above video, and you'll quickly understand why these two guys want to keep manufacturing stateside.

How And Where To Buy Them

Two Guys Bow Ties looks like it makes quality accessories, not only because of their appearance but also because of their not-so-cheap prices. The bow ties start at $45 each and can be purchased through the online store on the company's website. If for some reason the selection of bow ties on the company's website isn't quite what you were looking for, you can customize a bow tie starting at $60. You can also purchase the other accessories made by Two Guys Bow Ties on the company's official website or through other online retailers, like through Etsy or through Amazon, if those are more your scene. The company will also be opening up a brick-and-mortar store in Tulsa later this month in case you ever find yourself in the neighborhood.

There Are Two Guys Behind This Company

Surprise, surprise. There are actually two guys running this company. Who woulda thunk? Designers Adam Teague and Tim Paslay launched Two Guys Bow Ties in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2012, though neither of them really have a background in fashion, which you wouldn't really know from looking at their sophisticated accessories. Rather, they both seem to be craftsmen and wood enthusiasts, so here's hoping they bring that passion into the Shark Tank.

They Have Some Famous Fans

Ray Dalton wore a Two Guys Bow Tie to the MTV Movie Awards to perform "Cant Hold Us" with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but the company really got on the map when pro basketball player Mike Conley wore one of its wooden bow ties during the 2013 NBA playoffs. NBA legends Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley even got their hands on some Two Guys Bow Ties during a segment on the players' fashion on Inside the NBA. So maybe they did say that the company's wooden bow ties look like dog bones, but all publicity is good publicity, right?

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; TNT