20 National Boss' Day Cards And Gifts

by Emily Kelley

Bosses — we’ve probably all had some good ones, and some bad ones. A good boss can make all the difference at work, which is why you should celebrate your superior supervisor on National Boss’ Day on Oct. 16. But don’t think you have to stick to the usual cufflinks and coffee mugs, because your boss is sure to get a laugh out of these funny Boss’ Day gifts and cards.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for a lot of really great bosses. Bosses who have inspired me, mentored me, and befriended me. Having a good boss at a good job you like is basically like hitting the adulting jackpot. It makes going to work so much more enjoyable when you have a boss or a supervisor who you can connect with, joke with, or even hang out with. But even with bosses you don’t always get along with, you have to appreciate all of the hard work they do. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that for every hour of work you put in, your boss is putting in two more. It’s hard to run a business or a company, and your boss deserves to be recognized for all their hard work.

Give them something to smile about over their morning coffee with one of these fun gifts or cards.

1. Suck Up Card

Like, you're not trying to get a promotion, but you're also not not trying to get a promotion by giving your boss this awesome card.

Happy Boss' Day Funny & Appropriate, $3.50,

2. Girl Boss Planner

Help get your girl boss ready for a productive 2016 with this adorable weekly planner. She'll appreciate it come yearly review time!

Just a Girl Boss Absolutely Rockin It In 2016! Planner, $10.50,

3. Coffee Levels Mug

Even bosses are allowed to have a "but first, coffee" rule. Once their coffee is down to the third level, then you'll know it's safe to talk to them.

Custom Coffee Mug, $13.50,

4. CEO Wall Art

Take a page out of Lauren Conrad's book, and don't let the haters hate on your awesome lady boss. She's right where she's supposed to be!

Motivational Wall Art, $7,

5. You Are Terrifying Card

Bosses can be a bit scary sometimes — we've all had one. However, the card actually unfolds to read "You are a terrific boss. I am really enjoying the comfortable work environment you foster." Funny and nice!

You Are Terrifying Card for Boss, $5,

6. Let Me Drop Everything Pillow

That's what bosses are for, right? To help us with all our work-related problems? This pillow will always be there to remind us of that fact.

Sarcastic "Let me DROP everything and Work on your PROBLEM" Throw Pillow, $14,

7. Sorry to Be a Pain Chocolate Squares

You're only being a pain if you're coming to your boss with bad news. You know when you're not being a pain? When you're giving them chocolate (possibly while delivering bad news).

Sorry To Be A Pain Cubic Chocolate Letters, $25.99,

8. You're the Boss Card

Sort of a literal choice of card for your boss, but they'll still get a laugh out of it.

Funny Boss Card, $7.89,

9. Shirt and Tie Coasters

These coasters are perfect for coffee mugs and/or Don Draper-esque afternoon scotches.

Shirt Tie Coasters, $16,

10. Best Boss Ever Card

Your boss might receive quite a few "best boss ever" gifts, but this one is legit. That's why it says, "It's true, we checked!" If there's one thing your boss loves, it's accuracy.

Printable Best Boss Ever Card, $3.75,

11. Boss Lady Mug

Remember — she's not bossy, she's the boss (literally). This is a cute, simple mug that will make your own boss lady feel appreciated.

Coffee Mug, $16,

12. Best Boss Ever Shirt

Your boss can wear this shirt on casual Fridays, or on weekends when they don't have to deal with any of you thoughtful hooligans.

Best Boss Ever T-Shirt, $13.99,

13. Levels Wine Glass

Just as the levels coffee mug can be used at work, the wine glass can be used at home as an indicator to your boss' family about what kind of day they had. You're basically doing a public service by giving them this.

1 Rough Day Wine Glass, $14,

14. Thank You Card

This is definitely a card you can only give a boss with a really good sense of humor. Or if your boss happens to be your BFF.

Thank You For Not Being an A**Hole Card, $4,

15. Day Drink Mug

Hey, everyone is entitled to a little day drinking every once in a while — especially your boss.

Funny Coffee Mug, $15,

16. World's Okayest Boss Card

I mean, this is either real talk, or you just don't want your boss to get a big head with all the "best boss ever" gifts that are out there. Either way, you're keeping things light on Boss' Day.

Boss' Day Snarky Card, $4.50,

17. Hustlin' Coffee Tumbler

For the commuter boss, this tumbler will remind them that driving is all just part of the daily hustle.

Hustling Coffee Travel Mug, $16,

18. Like a Boss Notepad

Now your boss can take notes like, well — you get the idea.

Like A Boss Notepad, $7,

19. Office Space Card

You can't make your boss come in on Saturday, but this card might make them think twice about asking you to.

Office Space Card, $4.50,

20. Press Here Decor

There are some work days that you wish you could just start over — bosses included! This decor piece won't actually let you start the day over again, but it's the thought that counts.

Office Gag Gift, $20,