'Shark Tank' Socks It To You & Your Feet

If you have ever watched Shark Tank closely enough, you've probably noticed that Mark Cuban loves him some decorative socks. If you squint, you can even see that he's got some striped socks on in the above photo. Mark isn't the only man that has ditched the basic black dress sock for something a bit funkier. That's why the famous entrepreneurs on the panel should pay attention when the entrepreneurs from Foot Cardigan enter the Shark Tank during Friday night's episode.

Foot Cardigan is a monthly subscription service for socks. Why anyone would need a new pair of socks every month is really beyond me, but subscription services can mean big business, so whether the Sharks wear socks or go au naturel, the potential to make some serious dough here should make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In addition to Mark possibly being a fan of Foot Cardigan, I predict Shark Tank's always-sharped-dressed man and FUBU founder Daymond John will find the business intriguing. Foot Cardigan's socks also seem like the perfect items to appear on one of the "Queen of QVC" Lori Greiner's segments. And who knows what guest Shark Troy Carter could add to the mix?

One thing is for sure: The personalities of the entrepreneurs behind Foot Cardigan are going to be a delight to watch on screen. Here are a few reasons why their business isn't half bad either.

It's A Sock Of The Month Club

If you burn through socks as fast as episodes of Scandal on Netflix, then Foot Cardigan is the company for you. This subscription service will send you a new randomly selected pair of socks each month in the mail. With most of the sock designs looking pretty over-the-top, featuring everything from lobsters to pineapples to jelly beans, each new delivery is sure to pack a surprise.

It's Easy To Sign Up — Here's How

If you'd like to have Foot Cardigan sock it to you every month, you can head over to the company's official website to subscribe. An adult subscription costs $9 a month plus the cost of shipping, while kids can get in on the action too for $11 a month plus the cost of shipping to get two pairs of socks in each delivery. There are also options for single payments and to purchase single pairs of socks from the rare "Small Batch" collection in case you'd rather get these babies a la carte.

The Founders May Have Something In Common With Mark Cuban

In addition to a shared love of socks that make a statement, the four founders of Foot Cardigan are all from the Dallas area, where Mark also currently calls home. Tom Browning, Matt McClard, Bryan DeLuca, and Kelly Largent, all four of them also dads like Mark, founded Foot Cardigan in 2012, and the company recently moved to a larger office and warehouse in the Dallas Design District, according to The Dallas Morning News. The group collectively contributed $6,000 to start the business, and now it's on track to earn more than $1.5 million in sales this year. It seems like Mark would love to hear about that kind of progress, too.

The Company's Marketing Will Make You Laugh

The fact that the lead image to this article shows a couple of Foot Cardigan's founders not wearing pants while they're in the Shark Tank should give you a clue that this company has a sense of humor. The homepage of Foot Cardigan's website shows the company's founders dressed up as a milkman, pizza delivery guy, and a Girl Scout. The company started the hashtag "#Socknado" to promote its upcoming appearance on Shark Tank on social media. Even the website's FAQs page is full of hilarious one-liners. If Foot Cardigan is this entertaining to keep up with online, just think how fun these guys will be on Shark Tank.

They've Got A Podcast

Sure, podcasts are all the rage these days, but you don't often see a company with one. Well, I guess you can add this to the list of what makes Foot Cardigan unique. The company has its very own podcast adorably called Footsies in which its founders discuss the goings-on at Foot Cardigan as well as anything else they want to talk about, from trance music to riding a bike to GIFs. Sure, Footsies may not hit you with as much suspense as Serial, but there's only so much pep you can pack into a podcast about the sock industry, you know?

There's A Surprising Amount Of Competitors

People must go through socks like crazy because there are several online retailers that offer sock subscriptions just like Foot Cardigan. This is so much the case that The New York Times did a story on the trend in December 2013, which featured companies like Sock Fancy, Sockscribe Me, and Sock Panda, in addition to Foot Cardigan. Foot Cardigan is just going to have to prove to the Sharks that it has a leg up on the competition.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; Giphy (3)