Caroline Burns Deserved A 'Voice' Chair Turn

Tears. Actual tears were streaming down my face after 15-year-old Caroline Burns got sent home after her The Voice Blind Audition. Standing at only 4'11", the blonde-haired cutie with the voice of an angel stole my heart and the hearts of the coaches with a sweet rendition of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." What makes her rejection so sad is that if she had auditioned any earlier in the competition she most likely would have made all four chairs turn. But with only one spot open on all four teams, the odds were against her.

Pharrell was Burns' only hope for a future on The Voice, but unfortunately he let her down. He also let me down by ignoring my pleas for him to hit his button, but that's another story. Pharrell already had a similar artist on his team, which is why he sent the young hopeful packing. Even though this is true, I can't help but wonder if he would've chosen her if he had seen her before making his choice. Burns certainly doesn't sound like a nearly 5-foot tall 15-year-old. She has a very mature talent, which is what makes her so great. Given that she's so young, Pharrell could have really molded her voice into something amazing and had a real star on his hands. But, alas, he missed his opportunity and is hopefully home kicking himself for missing out on working with such a talented artist.

One good thing did come out of Burns' audition, though — She earned herself an invitation to audition for the next season of The Voice. And though it's not as good as earning a spot on this season, it's definitely the next best thing. Let's just hope that next time Burns is one of the first contestants on stage. I can't wait to see her get the four-chair turn she deserves.

Image: NBC Universal