20 Easy Halloween Costumes For Best Friends You Can Pull Together In A Hurry

Halloween is always fun — but, if you're spending it with your best friend, it's twice the fun! And, if you already have plans to enjoy the spooky holiday with your bestie, you might be searching for some amazing and easy Halloween costumes for best friends.

Couple costumes are one thing, but best friend costumes step up the Halloween costume game. Plus, there are plenty of well-known pairs to steal inspiration from. Whether you love Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Mario and Luigi, ketchup and mustard, or Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, you're sure to find a famous duo that would make for the perfect set of costumes to celebrate the holiday in best friend style.

The best part about these Halloween costumes? They don't need to be overly complicated. And, while you can definitely turn them into something extravagant and jaw-dropping, you can actually pull most of these off with just a plain t-shirt or dress and some craft supplies.

So, use one of these photos for inspiration, grab some materials, and enjoy some wine and crafting with your best friend in order to whip together a perfect pair of costumes! Just prepare for all of the envious looks from all of the other best friends at the party — their costumes have got nothing on yours!

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1. Mario and Luigi

Is there any pair more iconic than Nintendo's dream team? The key here is for one of you to dress in red, and the other in green. Add some suspenders, a big, bright hat, white gloves, and — of course — a thick black mustache, and you're sure to be easily recognizable. Especially if you stick together all night!

2. Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Everybody loves Toy Story, and there's no friendship more adorable (or realistic!) than the one between Buzz Lightyear and Woody. To be Woody, it's as simple as dressing up as a cowboy. Buzz is a little more complicated, but still totally doable. If you can't find a set of Buzz Lightyear wings at a local toy store, use some colored fabric paint to add details to a white t-shirt. To infinity, and beyond!

3. Thing 1 and Thing 2

This Dr. Seuss pair has always been a favorite on Halloween, and it's easy to see why! All you need are some red t-shirts that you can label with "Thing 1" and "Thing 2." Top it all off with some brightly striped accessories or a tutu, and you're ready to party!

4. Daria and Jane

Any '90s kid remembers the animated MTV series Daria. So, do a throwback costume and dress up as Daria and her best friend Jane. Even better? You probably already have everything you need in your closet. For Daria, you just need a black skirt, an orange top, and a green blazer or sweater. Jane just requires a black top and a red blazer, and the short, spunky haircut.

5. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

These Alice in Wonderland characters make for the perfect best friend costumes. Plus, they're surprisingly easy to pull off. Pick up a red skirt, a yellow top, and a red baseball hat. Then, top it all off with a blue bowtie!

6. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger

Winnie and Tigger are a completely lovable pair! Winnie just needs a pair of yellow shorts and a red t-shirt, and Tigger requires orange shorts and a shirt. Use felt and fabric glue to add any details to the tops, and then add animal ears and some face paint.

7. Deer and Hunter

Some people use this option as a couples costume, but it's also a perfect choice for you and your best friend. Wear a brown sweater, some antlers, and creative face paint to make yourself look like a deer. And, the hunter just needs to deck themselves out in camouflage and blaze orange.

8. Ketchup and Mustard

Sure, there's peanut butter and jelly. But, ketchup and mustard are the iconic pair of the condiment world. Obviously, you need to dress in all red to be ketchup, and all yellow to be mustard. Add the infamous Heinz logo and French's logo to the front of your shirts, and you're good to go!

9. Mike and Sully

These adorable Monsters Inc. characters are the best of friends. Plus, they're monsters, so it technically qualifies as a spooky Halloween costume, right? To dress as Sully, add some large purple dots to a teal dress or onesie, and then wear some horns. For Mike, use fabric paint to draw a large eyeball on the front of a lime green t-shirt. Wear a green tutu and some matching tights, and you're dressed as one cute monster!

10. Blair and Serena

Even if you and your bestie always get along, you can still dress up as these stylish Gossip Girl frenemies. Unless you're copying a specific look, any sort of preppy wear will do. Think plaid skirts, pearls, button downs, knee socks, and — of course — headbands.

11. Pair of Socks

Think of how frustrated you feel when you can't find a match to your lone sock. Well, you'd feel that very same way without your best friend. So, dressing up together as a pair of socks is a fitting choice! Fasten a white sheet around you to start forming a sock shape. Then, stuff the toe of the sock with some filling to make it keep its form. Add a Nike swoosh, and you're out the door!

12. Devil and Angel

Nothing beats the contrast between a devil and an angel — especially if one of you is a little more wild than the other. Plus, these outfits are pretty easy to put together! The devil costume just requires a red outfit and some devil horns, and the angel just needs to wear white, some wings, and a halo. Voila, a simple costume for you and your best friend!

13. Anna and Elsa

These sisters from Frozen provide some great inspiration for best friend costumes. Plus, you can spend the whole night screaming, "Let it goooo!" at the top of your lungs. To dress as Anna, you'll need a long blue skirt, a light blue long sleeve top, a dark colored vest, and your hair tied in two braids. For Elsa, wear a long, light blue dress, a matching piece of fabric for a cape, and your hair in a side fishtail braid.

14. Cher and Dionne

You can't not love Clueless and the film's dynamic duo, Cher and Dionne. To pull the look off, you'll need the iconic plaid skirts, some white button downs, knee socks, and a cardigan. Then, just carry your cell phone around all night and repeat, "Ewww, as if!"

15. Cruella de Vil and a Dalmatian

Sure, it's hard to like this Disney villain — I mean, who goes after puppies? But, her eccentric and bold look does make for a great costume. Cruella just needs a black dress, a long white coat or boa, and some red gloves. And, to dress as a dalmatian, you just need lots and lots of black and white polka dots.

16. Guess Who Characters

This was always one of my favorite games. But, admittedly, I've never really thought of dressing like a board game for Halloween. Luckily, this one is surprisingly easy to put together. Wear a red or blue t-shirt and attach a large, white question mark to the front. Then, create a game card using a white poster board, and paint to draw on the logo and the name of a character.

17. Dancing Girls Emoji

Dressing as emojis is going to be a big trend this year. And, the dancing girls emoji is a perfect and easy choice for you and your best friend! Wear a black leotard, or any other black clothing. Then, create a headpiece by painting two toilet paper rolls black, and attaching them to a headband.

18. Zenon and Nebula

This Disney Channel original movie was a classic, and Zenon and her bestie Nebula made it even better. The key here is tons of layers of bright and futuristic looking clothing. Then, pin up a crazy hairdo, and zoom, zoom, zoom — you're good to go!

19. Peanut Butter and Jelly

You and your best friend go together like peanut butter and jelly — so why not dress like it? While you can literally dress as a slice of bread slathered in peanut butter, it's much easier to just make a t-shirt. So, get out the fabric, puffy paint, and markers to put together an easy best friend costume.

20. Lilo and Stitch

Ohana means family, and that's just what your best friend is! Lilo needs a red sports bra and a grass skirt. And, you can create an easy Stitch costume by attaching some felt details to a plain blue hoodie.

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