"Hot Dudes In Bed" Insta Just Saved Your Work Week

It's not a secret that men and woman find different things sexy, and this "Hot Dudes In Bed" Instagram proves it. For instance: if a man was telling his friends about a "hot women (not that they'd call them women, it would be something more like "chicks" I'm guessing) Instagram", you'd expect that to be somewhat pornographic, and at the very least featuring a lot of thongs and lip biting. The hot guys in bed Instagram, on the other hand, is exactly how girls who like men want to see those men: hairy-chested and playing with puppies in crisp white sheets. It's less sexual than it is OMG LIFE PARTNER material. But that's just my take on the different ways the sexes typically objectify each other.

So basically my new goal is to find the most adorable puppy I can, throw it in bed with my boyfriend (who is hot, by the way, but no big deal), and live my own hot guys in bed Instagram reality. There are some guys on the Instagram who are being more sexy than just "playing with puppy", but I ain't got time for longing, blue-eyed stares into the camera lens, guy with just a book covering his junk. I am all about guys looking like dad material while playing with puppies, because YOLO, that's just me living on the edge. So let's have a look at the take home to mother material on this Instagram, shall we:

1. This Learned Man

2. This Man With Cute Puppy

3. This Man Who Really Knows What Women Want

4. This Cat Man

5. This Guy Who Laughs At All Your Jokes

6. This Guy Who's There For You After A Hard Day At The Office

7. James Franco

Images: Hot Dudes In Bed/Instagram; Pexels