Be Lady Gaga's 'AHS' Character For Halloween

Figuring out what you want to be for Halloween is an arduous task. One that Halloween lovers, like myself, do not take lightly. Fortunately, this year, Ryan Murphy and Lady Gaga have lent us the perfect creepy yet well-meaning idea. If you’ve done the whole Lady Gaga get up for All Hallows' Eve before, fret not. Lady Gaga’s new role on American Horror Story: Hotel has bred a new crop of costumes — ones that are unique and yet still true to Gaga’s innate trendy, weirdness.

The good thing about these AHS inspired Lady Gaga disguises are that they are actually incredibly simple and considerably inexpensive to put together. I think it’s safe to say that while Gaga’s character, The Countess Elizabeth, is as fashionable as her pop star alter ego, she’s much more demure. The costumes still pack the punch, but without so much anxiety having to go into it. Let’s be honest with ourselves, here. It takes a hell of a lot of work to mimic the singer’s eccentric and detail oriented outfits, and it’s nice to be able to still emulate her without having to search the world over for the different trinkets and accessories to complete her typically intricate looks.

Here are three different Lady Gaga American Horror Story: Hotel costume ideas for you to choose from this Halloween.

Look One: Leathered Up Lady Gaga

Bra And Shorts

Killing two birds with one stone here as this little get up comes as a set. You can find this ensemble on Yandy ($12.95).


Best part about this piece? You can rock it after Halloween's over as well. Except, you know, probably don't wear leather underwear underneath it if you're planning on wearing it to the workplace. You can get this super cute skirt online at Jolly Chic ($10.99).


Easy and cheap, you can find this belt at Party City ($4.99).


These hats aren't exactly easy to come by, but you can order one on eBay ($21.99).

Look Two: Glam Lady Gaga


Doing double duty once again, this comparable spaghetti strap dress from Forever 21 ($29.90) can be worn after the big day. And, it still has that extravagant-type look Lady Gaga has with the high slit.


This fabulously over-the-top accessory can be found at Party City ($9.99).


Like the boa, these 1920s-style earrings, similar to Gaga's, can also be bought at Party City ($4.99).


To complete the look of vintage extravagance, you can find this totally gorgeous necklace at Forever 21 ($9.90). Or, if you have a gold necklace of approximately the same length and similar thickness to the AHS model, save yourself some money and throw that one on.

Look Three: Bloody Chic Gaga


I mean, any robe will do, but a linen one, like the one pictured above from H&M ($34.99), best reflects Gaga's look in the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot.

Fake Blood

I think that this particular type of fake blood, from Party City ($4.99), is best to get that whole, "I totally just drank some fresh blood" look that Gaga has going on.


You can get a pair of these at Party City ($6.99) as you shop for that fake blood.

Killer Shoes

Mother Monster would be proud of you for wearing these platform behemoths from Forever 21 ($34.90).


It all comes down to that glove, doesn't it? If you want to get the eye catching look but don't want to drop a whole ton of money on a bedazzled leather glove, you can buy this Michael Jackson glove from Party City ($12.99) that sparkles and still makes the same type of statement.

Now, just choose with outfit is best for you and get costumin'!

To get you even more in the Halloween spirit, check out the PSL PSA from Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin below!

Images: FX (2); Yandy; Jolly Chic; Forever 21 (3); Party City (6); eBay; H&M