Cheap & Scary Donald Trump Masks For Halloween

If you're planning on dressing up for Halloween this year, why not show that you've been following the 2016 campaign trail by dressing up as one of the presidential candidates? Sure, you could go as Hillary Clinton or Carly Fiorina, but if you want to be a little more unique, consider dressing up as the candidate everyone's talking about: Donald Trump. A Donald Trump Halloween mask is the perfect way to channel the Republican presidential hopeful (and possibly scare everyone at the Halloween party you're attending).

Don't expect to be the only Trump lookalike at the party, though — one Maryland costume store told CBS Local they've already sold out of Donald Trump masks, as well as Trump wigs. And there's also a "sexy Donald Trump" costume for women making the rounds online, complete with booty shorts, a red tie, a white button-front shirt, and a suit jacket. (Sold separately, but essential to the costume, are a wig and a "Make America Great Again" hat.)

You don't need to spend $69.95 — the cost of Yandy's sexy Trump costume — to look like the Donald, though. All you need ot look like Donald Trump this Halloween is a mask and (if you really want to get into the Halloween spirit) an impression of Trump's obnoxious speaking style. Here are some of the best Trump masks to get the party started!

1. Donald Trump Latex Mask

The great thing about a Trump mask is that you won't have to worry about accessorizing with a Trump wig, since the mask will have hair printed on it. This mask, which is available for $21.99, features Trump's lips pursed in a slightly angry impression — it would be perfect to pair with a lecture on how you'll make America great again.

2. Donald Trump "Candidate Mask"

This Trump mask from Spirit of Halloween is eerily lifelike — it looks like what you'd expect to see in a wax museum. The blond hair on the mask is perfectly highlighted, and the crow's feet around the eyes are just realistic enough. Pair this $19.99 mask with a red tie and navy blazer, and you're good to go.

3. Donald Trump "Presidential Candidate Politician Latex Costume Mask"

If you really want to poke fun at Donald Trump's spray tan this Halloween season, this $22.99 mask is perfect. The mask is an alarming shade of orange, and combined with the hair and facial expression, there's no doubt everyone will know who you're supposed to be. And as a bonus, the mask comes with a free Trump 2016 pin to complete the look!

4. Donald Trump "Presidential Candidate Mask"

This mask is rather scary-looking, which could be good if that's the look you're going for. The lighter color around the $26.97 mask's eyes emphasizes the phoniness of the spray tan, and the hair is perfectly in place.

5. Donald Trump "I'm A Winner" Mask

This $29.99 mask really captures Trump's propensity for anger. The eyebrows are turned in, the mouth has deep frown lines, and you can easily imagine Trump making a similar face and pointing his index finger.

6. "Realistic Looking" Donald Trump Mask

We have to hand this one to the eBay vendor — the mask, whose starting bid starts at $26.99, is pretty realistic. The hair is a bit more brunet than Trump's, but this mask is a lot less scary than many of the ones on this list.

7. Donald Trump "Billionaire Tycoon" Mask

As its title suggests, this $32.98 mask conjures up the idea of a "You're fired!"-era Trump more than a Republican presidential candidate. The expression is spot-on, though, and unlike most Trump masks, this one has teeth.

8. Donald Trump Latex Mask

At just $19.99, this Donald Trump mask is one of the cheapest options on this list. The mask's expression is just dissatisfied enough, and the features are fairly realistic, too.

9. "Presidential Candidate Mask, Donald Trump"

This mask is a bit more expensive than the others, clocking in at $44.99, but it looks like it's a bit better quality than its counterparts. The latex mask is lifelike without being overdone — and if Trump does become president, you'll already have a costume for next year.

10. Screaming Baby Mask With Trump Wig

If you're really not a fan of Donald Trump, you could always make your own costume by adding a Donald Trump wig to this screaming baby mask from Etsy. It's a bit steep at $49, but the mask is pretty lifelike, and you're sure to get plenty of compliments on the clever costume idea.

Images: Bewild/Amazon, Spirit of Halloween, Latex Mask/Amazon, Generic Mask/Amazon, TheMaskMan/Etsy, 1gr8finder/eBay, toynk/eBay, perunovelties/eBay, Morris/Amazon, TechAndHorror/Etsy