What Happened To Marcy In 'AHS: Murder House'? Here's What You Need To Remember About Our Favorite Realtor

Any fan of American Horror Story knows that all of its seasons are connected. At first, there were little hints that one season had ties to another, but Season 4 dropped the biggest ones yet, by re-introducing Pepper from Season 2 (and also the fact that Elsa Mars got her legs sawed off by the same doctor, Dr. Arthur Arden, working in Asylum). Season 5, Hotel, is now dropping another HUGE one: Marcy, the real estate agent from Season 1, Murder House, will once again make an appearance.

This is pretty big stuff, and only further proves all our crazy theories about the seasons being intertwined to one another. Just what is Marcy doing hanging around Hotel, and how she got there, we still don't know. That won't be revealed until we actually get started with the episodes of Hotel, naturally.

But what we do know is that Murder House took place almost four years ago now, and AHS loves to throw a million plot lines at us each season. Don't worry if you've completely forgotten everything about Marcy, that's why I'm here.

Marcy is introduced in Murder House as the real estate agent showing the Harmons this beautiful, old house in Los Angeles. Since Marcy loves her job (just kidding, she kinda hates it) she feels the need to disclose all information about the house to the Harmons. She informs them that the prior owners died under suspicious circumstances, in an apparent murder-suicide. Marcy does not inform them of the other prior murders and suicides in the house, since they were more than three years ago, and legally she doesn't have to disclose that information.

Though freaked out, the Harmons have already signed papers and can't back out of the house now.

What should be a shut and closed deal for Marcy quickly turns into so much more. After a home invasion, Vivien Harmon basically demands that Marcy put the house back on the market, claiming she'll sue for failing to disclose everything else wrong with the house (like, all those other murders). This is easier said than done. Marcy isn't really willing to help at first, but Vivien forces her into it. Vivien also suggests (read: demands) that Marcy pay for everything out of pocket, and Marcy goes to hire a "fluffer" to make the house cheerier.

Whoever her fluffer was, we don't know. Because previous Murder House owners Chad and Patrick (as spirits) show up instead to try and fluff the house as best they can.

It's assumed through the rest of the series that Marcy is hard at work trying to re-sell the Murder House, but she's only seen again in the very last episode of the series. We see her still trying to sell the house, now to another unsuspecting family, and she's still not disclosing a whole lot of details about the murder, mayhem, and chaos that comes with the territory.

Marcy also adopted the Harmon's dog, Hallie, after all of them — spoiler alert — passed away. I like to think that she's still in LA, still trying to sell this Murder House, and still not disclosing all of the information about it for all eternity. That's her AHS punishment.

The original plan for Murder House was to kill Marcy off so she really could stick around for all eternity. But talking to Entertainment Weekly back in 2011, Ryan Murphy admitted that he was "obsessed with Marcy the Realtor," calling her "hilarious." Her life was spared back then, and maybe it'll be spared again now in Hotel.

From the promo images for Hotel, it looks like Marcy is now trying to sell property to Cheyenne Jackson's Will Drake.

Murphy has also mentioned that during the Hotel season, we end up back at Murder House for some reason. So maybe Marcy is trying to actually sell it to Will Drake, maybe we end up back at Murder House for another reason, and/or maybe Marcy now has a bunch of other Murder House murders on her hands. Who knows. But I'm excited to find out.

AHS: Hotel premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7.

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