Tom Hiddleston Got A Cool New Job

Tom Hiddleston's star is seriously on the rise. Not only has he appeared in the Marvel franchise (whaddup, Loki), but Hiddleston is getting Oscars buzz for not one, but two films this year. The actor's career is exploding and he just added a new role to his resume. That's right, Hiddleston is the first BFI Ambassador.

It's kind of a broad title, and since Hiddleston is the only person to be given it, let's break down what it means. The British Film Institute's official site describes the position as a "a life-cause to advocate for British film and the BFI’s vital work in building the next generation of film talent and film lovers in the UK." More specifically, the actor will "help raise awareness of the BFI’s key activities as a cultural charity including its film programmes, film education, film preservation at the BFI National Archive and BFI led initiatives to build the next generation of film talent such as the BFI Film Academy." Considering the BFI helps fund films and even has education initiatives, this is a major distinction for Hiddleston.

The actor addressed this in a statement released through the BFI, saying:

"The BFI looks after the most significant collection of film and television in the world. It should be treasured and protected, in the same way we treasure and protect all our great cultural collections, from art and music, to libraries and museums. The BFI’s mission is to ensure that our film culture is kept alive, and to inspire the next generation of film talent. It’s the reason the BFI exists and why I am committed to being a BFI Ambassador.”

Hiddleston is the perfect person for the Ambassador role. At the age of 34, his acting career spans more than 10 years, including roles in The Avengers, Midnight in Paris, Thor, and the upcoming I Saw the Light and High-Rise. Education clearly played a strong role in his life, as he attended Cambridge and studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He's well-rounded, talented and eloquent. Is there any better description for the role of Ambassador?

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the most exciting things about Hiddleson's career is that his roles are always so unique. He's constantly transforming himself and it will be exciting to see him apply that zeal into his ambassador role. The new position is also exciting for Hiddleston fans — it sounds like he's not planning on stepping away from the film industry anytime soon.

While it sounds like there is a lot to the Ambassador role, it will be cool to see Hiddleston help define it and to set the precedent for future Ambassadors to come.