Check Out Linda Evangelista's New Moschino Ad

Linda Evangelista was pretty much the supermodel of the 1990s (no offense, Cindy Crawford). After all, she's famous for saying she didn't get out of bed for "less than $10,000 a day" at the height of her fame. Turns out, the Italian supermodel is back in a major way. According to Fashionista, Evangelista is starring in a new Moschino perfume campaign, and her look is a lot retro.

Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott revealed the brand's latest perfume campaign on his Instagram today, and it's kitschy and adorable. The fragrance, called Fresh, is stored in a mini Windex bottle. In the ad, Evangelista stars as a housewife cleaning up with her bottle of perfume. From the waffle-patterned bathrobe to her retro red curls and bright blue eye makeup, Evangelista is definitely channeling a desperate housewife. She's even got a sponge to clean up with and some seriously '70s coral nails (with matching lipstick, naturally).

The campaign was shot by photographer Steven Meisel, and it's the second campaign Evangelista has appeared in since Scott took over as creative director of the brand. I can't say I blame him — Evangelista is totally iconic, even as a 50-year-old. I mean, her skin is still completely flawless.

Evangelista isn't a stranger to playing characters in ads. In fact, she's been a total chameleon since her early days of fashion modeling. Here are seven of her most iconic campaign looks.

1. The Elf-style kelly green

This Versace ad has so many things going on. Are they channeling stoplights? M&Ms? Nevertheless, Evangelista manages to pull of head-to-toe kelly green far better than I could ever hope to.

2. The Breakfast at Tiffany's look

The supermodel is impossibly chic in this Chanel ad. From the oversized sunglasses to the chic pearls and classic LBD, we all know she's channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The low back and unexpected oversized pearls keep the look from being too copy-cat.

3. The celebrity-obsessed bombshell

This Versace dress is distinctly Andy Warhol, but Evangelista wears it perfectly. The Marilyn Monroe-inspired gown is somehow still cool, and the supermodel's perfectly windblown cropped hair finishes the look.

4. The forlorn beach-goer

I have so many questions about this ad. Why is Evangelista wearing a fur coat on the beach? Why is she so sad? And why isn't she paying attention to the hot male model attending to her every need? This enigmatic ad is one of Evangelista's most iconic.

5. The #girlboss

From her spiky heels to her major gold jewelry, Evangelista takes no prisoners in her no-nonsense black pantsuit. Can't you see a major fashion editor rocking this look, even today? The black is a departure from Versace's usual bright looks, and it definitely works for Evangelista.

6. The brainy (yet chic) look

Evangelista's look for this Chanel eyewear campaign shows how the model is so versatile. This campaign was shot for 2012 eyewear campaign, and according to Fashionista, Karl Lagerfeld himself took the photos. The supermodel is clearly still flawless.

7. The over-the-top Versace spread

In case you thought Evangelista's previous Versace campaigns were at all tame, this one completely outdoes them with its kooky colors and poses. Somehow, Evangelista still manages to make her Ms. Frizzle-style outfit look perfect.

There you have it. The iconic '90s supermodel is definitely not going anywhere. In fact, her campaigns seem to just be getting better and better.