'The Flash' Introduces, Well, Another Flash

by Rachel Paige

There's a new face hanging around Central City, and it belongs to Jay Garrick. This is a name you're going to want to know, and remember, because Garrick is actually the Flash. Are you ready for your first taste of alternate timelines on The Flash? Because it's happening, and Jay Garrick has come to us from another world.

In the final seconds of "The Man Who Saved Central City" — literally as Cisco is commenting that they've upgraded security so no one can get in undetected — Jay Garrick strolls in. He's here to let Barry know that his world is in danger, and cue Cisco somewhere off in the distance saying, "Worldsss?" The character of Jay Garrick has been pulled directly from the comics, and he's the original Flash in a totally different world.

We still don't know how Jay Garrick came to be in Central City, but the singularity probably had something to do with it. Unless there is some other time-traveling other-dimensional phenomenon out there that we haven't seen yet. But most likely, the singularity let Jay come through while it was open to a world known as Earth-Two. Jay's also a speedster, just like Barry, and in DC Comics, Jay would often stop by to give Barry advice on how to be a better Flash. It looks like that is going to happen on television, too.

From the promo released for next week, we see Barry question Jay about his knowledge, to which he replies, "Where I come from, they call me the Flash." That's news to Barry, and I am so excited to find out how The Flash handles these other timelines. Watch the preview below.

The CW series might not necessarily stick to Jay's backstory from the comics, so let's not even get into that now, because we could be here all day. What's important to know is that he's another Flash, he's from Earth-Two, and he wears a really cool hat with li'l wings on it, like the Greek god Hermes. I bet Cisco is so jealous he never thought to outfit Barry like that.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW