Jay Leno Crashes 'Tonight Show' With A Surprise Cameo But Uses The Monologue To Make Some Pretty Anti-Women Jokes

Making a surprising cameo during host Jimmy Fallon's monologue Tuesday, Jay Leno crashed the Tonight Show set. But it was weird. The last time Leno was on The Tonight Show was last November when he, as a guest, sat on the other side of the desk he held for two decades. Since handing over the show's reins in February 2014, Leno has been actively promoting his new CNBC show Jay Leno's Garage , which is set to premiere Wednesday and will focus on his passion as a car enthusiast.

With hand in pocket and the familiar back and forth rocking we've come to know, Leno jumped right into his prepared barbs. He went through the expected 2016 election jokes and the typical Kardashian dig, but the monologue was capped by letting us know just how bad the economy is suffering right now. So, just how bad is it?

Well, according to Leno, it's so bad that the world has become somewhat sexist and pretty anti-female. Among other things, Leno's jokes targeted women's breasts and the Kardashians' asses, a poor choice of words that felt cliché and wasn't particularly clever. Fallon joined him at the end, and his take on how bad the economy is fared much better.

The economy is so bad 50 Cent just changed his name to Nickelback.
The economy is so bad Hillary Clinton wants people to look to her deleted emails to see if there's anything from that Nigerian prince.
The economy is so bad I saw Wolfgang Puck eating Chef Boyardee.

It was nice to see Leno back with NBC, but he could have left the bad jokes behind.

Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/NBC