How To Dress As The 'Inside Out' Characters

I don’t know about you, but, as I sat through Inside Out, bawling and shoving my face with sour patch kids, I saw a bit of everyone I knew in each of the characters. My friend and I laughed at the most inappropriate times just because each emotion evoked such a familiarity to someone we knew. Aside from the reliability of the movie and the sheer popularity of it, there is a lot more that can be done with this instant classic. I mean, with Halloween coming out, I already need to know what Inside Out Halloween costumes I can find and afford. Think about it: the emotion characters are so distinctive, colorful, fun, and the best part is you can do it in a group.

If you can convince four of your other friends to dress up as eccentric-looking emotions from a children’s movie for Halloween, then you’re in luck. Firstly, that means you have great friends. And, secondly, I have done all of the hard work for you. Below is a guide on how to dress, where to find each item you’ll need to truly inhabit the world of Riley’s mind, and, of course, how to do it in style. Whether you’re Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, or Disgust, you’ll have your own unique flair to bring to the group get up.

Check out how to dress as the Inside Out characters below.



Joy Wig, $18, Amazon

You can pick this up for $18 on Amazon.


You can get this joyful dress at Target. And, if you want to emulate the floral pattern on Joy's dress, you can buy stickers like these for $2 online from Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft Stores.

Stickers, $2, Jo-Ann's

Core Memory Ball

Gold Balloons, $2, Target

Balloons, y'all. Keep it simple.



Wig, $22, Walmart

To start the look, you can get this hair piece at Walmart for $22.


You can get Sadness's near-identical signature shirt for $25 at Forever 21.


While you're shopping for the shirt, you can also pick up these leggings at Forever 21 for $4.


Oversized Glasses, $10, Zero UV

You can order her oversized circular glasses from Zero UV for $10. Don't worry, they aren't prescription. They're just cute.

Core Memory Ball

Blue Balloons, $2, Target

Get the Sadness-inflicted Core Memory Balls (aka more balloons).



Start Disgust's preppy style with this scarf on Amazon for $7.


Know what's not disgusting? Buying the main part of your Halloween costume for under $15, am I right, fellow broke people? You can find this dress at Forever 21.


Green Belt, $5, Amazon

Unsurprisingly, green belts aren't easy to come by. But, you can get this one on Amazon for $5.


Green Wig, $8, Walmart

You can purchase green, shoulder length locks like Disgust's at Walmart for $8.


Green Eyelashes, $6, Party City

You can order these comparably luscious lashes online for $6 at Party City.


Bow Tie

Pick one up at Forever 21 for $8.


You can buy this for $40 at Macy's.


If you don't already have a white button down, you can buy one at Forever 21 for $18.


Purple Dye, $4, Party City

If you're super committed, you can spray your brows, and you can purchase the temporary dye at $4 at Party City.

But, if you want the same effect without having to alter your actual hair color, purchase a headband, like this one from Walmart. It'll cost you about $3.

Also, buy pipe cleaners to fasten around the headband, and to fashion into Fear's singular, spiral purple strand of hair. Those will cost about $3, and you can also get those at Walmart.



You can get this short sleeve button down at Forever 21 for $13.


To add the silver zig-zag pattern, you can buy silver fabric paint.


Anger doesn't exactly have "hair," per say, but he does have flames when he's at his angriest. You can buy this flame wig on Ebay for $25.


If you don't already have a brown belt, you can buy one at Forever 21.


Whereas Fear's pants sort of take a back seat to the rest of his get up, Anger's high waisted, red pants are most certainly integral to this costume. These pants from Forever 21 are a bit more red than Anger's, but for the sake of the costume and the emotion — I think they work really well. Plus, they're only $20.

Now go out, friends, and wear your emotions on your sleeve. Or as your costume. Whichever.

Images: Pixar (6); Forever 21; Ebay; Amazon; Party City; Michael's; Jo-Ann's; Target; Walmart; Zero UV