The Best Faux Fur Coats For Looking Fashionable

by Sara Tardiff

While more traditional pea coats and puffer jackets are seen again and again during the cooler seasons, I, for one, am all about finding stylish faux fur coats. Not necessarily for anti-fur reasons, but certainly for financial incentives. Faux fur tends to be a heck of a lot cheaper in most cases, and can be equally if not much cuter, if you find the right piece. You've probably been seeing fur everywhere on Instagram lately between fashion week and bloggers prepping for cooler months, and you might be wondering if faux fur is still a thing or not.

I've asked myself the same question: Is fur even still on-trend? Let's be honest, New York Fashion Week never lies, and fur was everywhere during the September 2015 shows. From the omnipresent Gucci fur-lined slippers on the streets (OK — not faux, but oddly made from kangaroo? Whose idea was that?) to all the fur details on the runway, this is one trend that has yet to fizzle out. My guess is because of both the glam notion of donning yourself with soft things and the general coziness of basically wearing a rug. I'm all for comfort, especially when the general public confuses it with being fashionable.

Now before the complete and utter pandemonium of trying to be stylish in the midst of winter sets in, here are 17 stylish yet remarkably warm faux fur jackets to put you ahead of the fashion curve. Happy (jacket) hunting!

1. Little Faux Riding Hood

ASOS Faux London Fluffy Faux Fur Hooded Coat, $99, A sos

If you're looking for a jacket to shield you from the elements (or paparazzi) with ease, this little hooded number is it.

2. Furry Biker Babe

Forever21 Faux Fur Moto Jacket, $55, F orever 21

Take your typical fall leather jacket and seriously up the ante: Trade black for burgundy and add a faux fur collar for an unexpected accent.

3. Everyday Glam

Glamorous Good Vibes Faux Fur Jacket, $148, Nasty Gal

If you find a multi-tonal coat that somehow looks amazing with leather, denim, and anything patterned — you have found your one true bae, aka this stunningly soft, stylish jacket.

4. Sophisticated Collar

ASOS CURVE Midi Coat with Faux Fur Collar, $180, Asos

A faux fur collar is not so much a Cruella deVille staple as it is a street style must-have.

5. Structured Chic

ASOS Tall Coat in Patchwork Faux Fur & Faux Shearling, $57, Asos

Avoid the cheese-factor of most faux fur coats with an oversized, yet structured piece that emphasizes the perfect shape paired with perfect color. Tall gals, this one is for you.

5. Pattern Play

Topshop Chevron Pattern Faux Fur Coat, $50, Top Shop

You probably didn't think faux fur could get anymore fun — until you saw a cool pattern get involved. Style down with all black or go a little bolder with a pattern-clashing ensemble.

6. Style-Conscious Supergirl

Zara Cape Coat, $199, Zara

Nothing screams "I'm so chic it hurts" quite like a cape. Except for a cape donning faux fur trim.

7. Patchwork Princess

Neon Rose Get Shaggy Coat, $95, Nasty Gal

Think of this as the bathroom robe of daywear. Except you'll receive compliments instead of disturbed stares. Matching slippers not required, but suggested.

8. Classic Vintage

ASOS Vintage Faux Fur Coat, $34, Asos

OK, maybe you didn't spend hours rummaging through your favorite vintage store for this fur piece, but it looks straight out of your very glam grandmother's closet. Without the funny smell.

9. Trendy But Minimal

Gallery Plus-Sized Hooded Chevron Faux Fur Coat, $220, N ordstrom

Want to try out a fur coat without standing out too much? Select a dark faux fur like black or navy for a sleek, but still excitingly fashion-forward look.

10. A Serious Statement

Pixie Market Multi Color Faux Fur Coat, $108, P ixie Market

Whether that statement be "Watch me trend-set before your very eyes," or "It is starting to get freakishly cold, despite the fact it's only October," — this jacket's got your back.

11. Bohemian Queen

Super Trash Orson Faux Fur Coat, $238, N asty Gal

This coat is basically a golden retriever: it's shaggy, there for you when you need it, and so freaking adorable you can't stop Instagramming it.

12. Cute & Cropped

Forever21 Collarless Faux Fur Jacket, $53, Forever 21

If ever there was an effortless faux fur coat to throw on with practically any outfit, this one is it. It's nude, form-fitting, and comfortable beyond belief.

13. Berry Season

Sejour Plus-Sized Fuzzy Textured Jacket, $129, Nordstrom

Berry-colored everything is in for Fall. Lip stains, heels, you name it. Now even your faux fur can be the season's favorite hue.

14. Cozy Color Block

SHRIMPS Plum Color-Block Faux Fur Shearling Coat, $795, N et-A-Porter

The colder the weather usually means the darker the wardrobe. But in between stepping in snow banks and spilling hot chocolate on yourself, sometimes you need a colorful pick-me-up. So why not get your fun-fix from your new winter coat? Granted, this is a super luxe option, but hey — maybe you're looking for an investment piece.

15. Edgy Meets Comfort

Sandro Verity Jacket, $755, Sandro-Paris

Take the classic moto shape and make it cold-weather friendly with some extra furry insulation.

16. Everyday Neutral

Cream Camo Faux Fur Coat, $99, D orothy Perkins

Keep it simple color-wise and you'll have a fur coat that isn't too much to sport every day. Seriously, this is what every fashion girl dreams about.

17. Everything Is Prettier In Pink

ASOS Coat in Patch Faux Fur, $100, A sos

In the name of wearing more and going out less, here is an almost annoyingly cute pink fur jacket. Because you deserve it.

Embrace the faux fur and real warmth with some new coat inspiration.

Images: Courtesy Brands